Maryland Minute 10.3.12: More Harrisons, Plus Roddy Peters Gets in ESPN the Mag

Rivals UK site: Twins haven't decided
The quotes come from Papa Harrison himself. But I don't buy it. Moving the date ahead without having decided is an astounding amount of idiocy - entertaining a visit the night before without being decided is even worse - and I can't believe the Harrisons have messed it up that badly.

Andy Katz: Neither Maryland nor Kentucky knows
Now that I believe. Which makes that Wednesday visit all the more weird.

Georgetown Hoyas and Maryland Terrapins battle over prep Roddy Peters - ESPN The Magazine
Bit shocked that Roddy's getting a major magazine feature on him, but it's pretty cool and a decent read. Also, it ridiculously oversimplifies the situation, given that this is hardly a Maryland-Georgetown battle. I'm more worried about Kansas and maybe even Rutgers than I am about Georgetown here.

Terps basketball trains with Navy SEALs video
This has been everywhere, so we'll stick it here, too. It's a cool video and should get you pumpred for the season, but I don't know if there's any real insight in it. Actually, it was interesting how James Padgett was the leader - he's always struck me as a quiet type, and an unlikely guy to become a leader even if he is the elder of the bunch. I assumed that would fall to Pe'Shon Howard.

Stefon Diggs hasn’t missed a beat for the Terps - WaPo
Basically a love letter to the awesomeness that is Stefon. I won't complain. He deserves it. Randy, A.J. Francis, Bennett Fulper - hell, even Stefon - raves about Stefon. And with good reason.

Maryland kicker Nick Ferrara's return still unknown - Washington Times
He'll be out for another two weeks or so at a minimum, but it sounds like he could redshirt. Sounds like the Aussie Aussie Aussie era is here to stay.

Transcript of MD football's Tuesday presser
Actually touches on a lot of stuff and it's worth skimming. The good news: the injury report is pretty empty, and apparently Wake Forest plays a very similar defense to West Virginia. Given how Perry Hills did against the 'Neers, that's a good sign.

Phillip Sims will start for UVA if healthy
They have to play Duke - and don't write off the Blue Devils in that game at all - before they get to Maryland, but luckily they're still in full QB controversy mode. Sims is the more talented option, but is he genuinely better? I don't know. But I'm glad they'll be figuring that out on our time.

Maryland-Virginia will start at 3 p.m.
We just keep getting mid-afternoon games; I'm a fan. Unfortunately, it'll be on RSNs, which means CSN for locals and I have no idea for everyone else.

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