Maryland Minute 10.29.12: More Rowe, recruiting, and "secret scrimmages"

Bob DeChiara

Hey folks, hope everyone's out there staying safe with Hurricane Sandy on the approach. I'm sure you've heard all the warnings already so I won't give out more; just be safe and sensible. As a side note, it's in the 50s and sunny out here in Kentuckiana. *blows raspberry*

To the links.

If you haven't seen them, here are the Shawn Petty high school highlights
Big kid. Mobile. Big ol' windup. Looks like huge hands the way he carries the ball, so hopefully no fumbles. Surprisingly nice touch on intermediate throws. But remember, he was at linebacker for a reason. Still, if the game can be simplified for him, with some easy reads where he doesn't have to force the ball into windows, there could be something there.

More on the Rowe injury - WaPo
He's 100% on Shawn Petty starting, and 100% off the Wildcat. Glad on both marks. Sadly, sounds like Caleb Rowe took the injury pretty rough mentally. He's a gamer, that's for sure.

Brendan Magistro is the new kicker for short kicks
He'll be the guy from 40 in. That makes perfect sense and I'm glad to see it; Craddock has the leg and it seems when he's farther out he calms down a bit and perhaps puts less pressure on himself. Magistro can, at the very least, apparently handle chip shots. And at this point there's no leaving points on the field for Maryland.

A 15-year history of Maryland quarterback injuries - WT
Read it. Weep.

Andy Katz: inside the secret scrimmages
For those who didn't know, Maryland had a "secret scrimmage" against George Washington over the weekend. No one from the program is allowed to discuss it, for whatever reason, but Katz is apparently hearing that "the guard play for Maryland still needs to improve quite a bit." That doesn't sound great.

Richie Anderson flips, heads to Penn State
Not a huge surprise given that he's a legacy there. Still, bit disappointing.

Florida cornerback Will Likely apparently visiting Maryland for the GT game
He's a consensus three-star but a four-star and top-250 guy on Rivals, with an offer from LSU. More importantly, can he play quarterback? Like, now?

Men's soccer clinches regular-season ACC Championship in 2-2 tie with Clemson
Hey, here's something good that happened related to Maryland sports! What's our go-to phrase about the soccer team, by the way? COYT? Someone from the Crew help me out here.

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