Maryland Minute 10.25.12: Terps find a shutdown corner (and rumors are scary)

Geoff Burke

The Devin Burns rumor is scary as hell and seems to be picking up steam. Here's hoping it's a nothingburger, but we'll find out later today when the injury report is released, which usually happens in the evening. Fingers crossed.

Also: seriously, I wrote a solid 3000 words - with diagrams! - in the Burns offense post, and not a word of it is transferable to the Rowe offense. (I even went through and logged each of Burns' plays, so I could chart usage of things like the ZR triple option.) I am one sad tortoise. Think of the bloggers, people.

Oh, right, links:

Jeremiah Johnson has become a shutdown cornerback for the Terps
Seriously, he has. I was a little worried about him preseason just because he'd never really seen the field, but he's been outstanding the past few weeks. I would make a Johnson Island reference, but that may not be the most kosher name.

Anyway, he also continues the pattern of this defense being absurdly likable, given that his punch line on the field is apparently "Why do they keep throwing at me?", which is awesome. And don't discount Johnson's play when it comes to Dexter McDougle settling in, either. Dex is a physical type, more of a Tyrann Mathieu than a pure cover corner. Trying to use him as a field corner was rough on his skillset. Sticking him back on the short side of the field, where he can use his physicality and rely on the sideline, is an immense help and a great combo. They'll be deadly next year.

C.J. Brown's season may be over, but influence on Terps remains - Washington Times
Good kid, C.J. is. Wish he was healthy, though. Would make today a little less nerve-wracking.

Five questions with Boston College offensive coordinator Doug Martin
Martin is nothing if not effusive about Maryland's defense. And with good reason, might I add. But he also says they're better schematically than Florida State, which is high praise for Brian Stewart given the Mike Stoops is widely regarded as one of the better DCs in the country and has a good shot at becoming a HC at somewhere like Arkansas. Pay this man his money, Kevin.

No more watch and learn for Maryland's Howard -
Turgeon has some very positive words on Pe's progress, and it sounds like he's taking a leadership role. Somebody's gotta fill that, and I don't know if Padge is vocal enough to do it.

InsideMDSports: Abdul-Malik Abu a top Terps target for 2014
Abu says little about Maryland, but given that he's already been on campus the mutual interest level seems pretty high. That's good, because I'm one of his fans.

BIg-33 Classic switches Ohio for Maryland
Suck it Ohio! Don't underestimate this switch, actually. It'll do a lot to raise the profile of Maryland high school football when the likes of Fuller, Jacobs, and Rodgers get done with the Pennsylvania kids, especially if the Eastern Christian bunch out on the Shore count. But it'll also do something for the state pride aspect, given that Maryland kids want to make a statement about Maryland football. Here's hoping that passion proves transferable and they want to do the same in college.

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