open practice/ scrimmage

just got back from the football game. "have no words".

so let's move to the bball team's scrimmage. very surprised to see no coverage about this. what a prime opportunity people missed to watch all of our studs go against each other in a setting u just don't get to experience otherwise. for me, a basketball and terp, junkie, it was nirvana. i sat floorside! that will never happen again in my lifetime. sat next to dez wells brother. BTW, he said the staff will know dez's fate late this week or early next week.

spinelli coached one team and bino the other. if people want deeper analysis let me know but this is my take.

dez owned the scrimmage. he was unstoppable anytime the tempo was up and pretty much otherwise as well. he was also surprisingly very involved with setting plays, communicating w/ spinelli... basically a captain on the floor. there is no way to underestimate what a huge impact the ncaa's decision will have on the terps this season.

seth looked very good but did pick up some offensive fouls on drives to the hoop - something he will need to work on because he can really explode through openings. mvpe' struggled in my eyes. turnovers and poor decisions and just poor fundamentals. very concerned by what i saw from him.

logan looked fairly impressive.

oh, and though i'm a big fan of padgett, and refuse to give up on him, he really struggled. missed a contested layup, etc. like i said, he's still a favorite of mine but he looked overmatched most of the time.

unbelievable experience overall. and SVP was there too.

lastly, spinelli was VERY impressive to watch and listen to. he really commands alot of respect from the players and was eons more instructive and hands on then bino.

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