Harrisons Twitter Rumor Time: Maryland Visits on Wednesday, Twins Keep in Contact with Under Armour

Two semi-important, mostly nothing tweets that I can guarantee we will read too much into. The first has already been discussed to death but deserves some front-page pub': Maryland will be making a visit to Houston on Wednesday, the day before the decision.

Now there are obviously a ton of ways to look at this, and we have no idea which way is most likely to be correct. I'll go back to my mantra: don't take anything too seriously at this point, just buckle up and enjoy the ride.

But hey, we've been mindlessly speculating and overthinking things for two years now, so we might as well keep it up with only 48 hours to go. First possibility: the Twins decided on Kentucky and want to tell Turgeon "no" in person. This is what I consider most likely, but in this recruitment "likely" is a loaded word. Anyway, Harrison Sr. is all about honor and respect, and he loves him some Bino and Turgeon. He doesn't want them to find out on television or pull the ol' Terrence Ross and have mom send him an email. He wants to do it in the most man way possible: face-to-face. Turgeon deserves that much.

Second possibility: hey, it's incredibly rude to bring a staff six hours out of their way, six hours they could spend recruiting Roddy Peters, just to tell them no. Summon them to Texas and turn 'em down? Doesn't seem likely. I imagine Turgeon would know what's up if he was going down there, and would say thanks but no thanks if he was indeed being jilted; just give 'em a phone call instead and thank them for the gesture. There's too much other work to be done for that to play through. (On this note: look to see if that visit happens. If it gets cancelled, maybe this is what happened.)

If it does go through, then you start to wonder if maybe the exact opposite happens: telling Turgeon yes in person. For whatever reason telling people good news in person is of less importance than breaking bad news to their face, so they could get away with a phone call for this easily. But hey, maybe they want to do it in person for whatever reason. Maybe Harrison Sr. misses childhood friend Bino. Maybe they like to play with our minds. I don't know.

And that's news that Turge would be delighted to go down and get, convenience be damned. Though leaving Cal and Larry Brown hanging, or calling them when going face-to-face with Turgeon, doesn't seem like a very Harrison-esque thing to do.

Some people are thinking that this is a last-ditch effort to change their minds. I don't see that. There's just not enough time to reasonably switch, assuming that they've already decided (they have); Turgeon wouldn't waste his time, and Papa Harrison won't live his kids out to dry like that. If that impromptu visit last week is true and they end up at UK, that was probably the last-ditch-effort visit. Likewise, it seems awful late to do a "let's make sure we got this right" visit. I just can't see it being anything other than a tell-them-in-person deal.

That second piece of news is obviously good; nothing ground-breaking, but still good. Via Prisbell, who you can be sure will turn this into a seven-piece exposé of Mark Turgeon's dirtiness should the Twins end up at Maryland:

We knew they liked UA. We know UA wants them to come here. We didn't necessarily know how much of an in UA has with them, though. That's a good sign if there ever was one. Oh, also from Pris:

C'mon, Uncle Kev. We went through six years of AAU crap while you got your act together - it's time we cashed in on that. Bring it home for us.

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