Maryland Minute 10.18.12: Terps finish sixth in media poll, schedule Wisconsin far in the future

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Busy day, with plenty of interesting links to go around. I'm actually breaking things into sections here, for easier perusal.


Maryland basketball picked to finish sixth in ACC preseason poll
Exact same ordering as the coaches' poll, except Florida State and Miami swap places. And, just like in the coaches' poll, there's a gulf between 5th and 6th. Just about exactly what you'd expect, and fair enough.

Andy Katz interviews Nick Faust
Nick seems like he went through some media training, as his answers are largely humdrum. Still, have to love him.

Maryland basketball to have numerous lineup options - WaPo
Lots of different combos available. Interestingly, Faust is still seeing time at point guard, which I'm in love with given the other options there. I'm sure he's just a reserve option, but still, not exactly ideal to me.

The piece actually turns into a fairly interesting feature on Nick, on how he's reworked his shooting motion and taken inspiration from Juan Dixon. Worth a read.

ESPN analyst: Roddy Peters commitment 'significant' for Mark Turgeon
"They've turned on the spigot."

I'll take that.


Maryland agrees to football home-and-home with Wisconsin
Starting in ... wait for it ... 2020.

Gah. I mean, why even announce it at this point? The million dollar question: who will 30-year-old Danny O'Brien be rooting for?

Dinich: Diggs will transform tomorrow
Sadly, she means "make tomorrow different", not "turn into a giant robot, tomorrow." Still, good to see semi-national pub'. The only thing that I actually care about in the piece: Edsall says he wants to get Stefon 10 to 15 touches a game. Based on they way he says that I think he's talking about a hypothetical dream world, not what he's actually trying to do. But we'll see. Before this the goal seemed to be something like eight touches; hopefully they're looking to get the ball in his hands more, possibly using some triple zone-read option to help out.

CFN previews Maryland-State
Hmmm. They think it comes down to clutch plays at the end of the game, and think that favors State because Glennon's a fifth-year senior and they have more experience across the board. I disagree, actually; if Maryland's within one score when the fourth quarter starts, they win. There's simply too much fight on this team.

Maryland has ground to a halt
Edsall and Co. on the failing running game. It's about the least-reassuring piece you'll ever read.

E.J. Levenberry backing off Florida State
Normally I'd say 0% chance, especially because he didn't give Maryland the time of day the first time around and is considering only the elites, but ... he's a D.C. guy, and if Maryland can get through the next three weeks with three wins, at 7-2 and 5-0 they have to take a shot at flipping some elites. So maybe a 0.01% chance. It's just too much hype to let go unused. They pretty much have to take a run at someone like Levenberry, Paul Harris, Dorian O'Daniel.


Stage set for battle between No. 1 men's soccer, No. 2 North Carolina - The Diamondback
If you're on campus, go. If you're not, it's on ESPNU at 6:00. If you have any interest in college soccer, this is as good as it gets.

Maryland adjusts to the new rules - College Crosse
For the laxbros among us, here's an interesting piece from College Crosse on how Maryland will have to adjust to the new faster game. We've been basically Dean Smith's Four Corners for the past few years, but there's enough athleticism here to make the jump.

Women's soccer brawls with Miami in 1-0 loss
Uh, whoa. Here's hoping we won the brawl, at least.

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