Maryland Minute 10.15.12: Madness Highlights, and People Think Maryland Will Make a Bowl Game

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

To begin with, the only video recap I've seen of Maryland Madness, via the Mars Reel. Dunks, dunks, dunks, for a solid :40 or so. Plus a high-def look at Jake Layman's flowing blonde locks.

That's it for the roundball in today's MM: it's all football from here on out. And color me unsettled about all these positive bowl projections.

ESPN's Schlabach, Edwards have Terps bowling
Schlabach has the Terps in the Music City Bowl against Arkansas, which I think would be the best possible outcome for an average fan: winnable game, nice city, fun trip. Edwards is a relative downer and puts them in the Military Bowl, which actually isn't really disappointing at all, since it'd be a winnable game and would be a great opportunity to get guys from DC and Baltimore in to see them in a bowl game.

ACC bowl projections: Week 8 - Dinich
Maryland not in the Orange Bowl? Burn the witch! (Yes, I think people hate on Dinich too much. She's boilerplate, not evil.)

Anyway, she has Maryland in the Belk Bowl, which is a tie-in with the Big East (#3 choice), which would probably be Cincinnati, but could be Louisville or hopefully Rutgers. I'd be fine with the destintation, if we were still recruiting the Carolinas. Whatever happened to that?

Jerry Palm, meanwhile, keeps on hatin'
Doesn't have Maryland in a bowl game - Duke is the final ACC team he has bowl eligible. That's pretty understandable, actually; I could easily see Maryland ending this year on five wins. It'd be disappointing, a bit, but not surprising at all. In fact, I'd feel a lot better if everyone else just adopted that stance and we could go on being surprised and happy instead of having to deal with this "expectations" nonsense.

2010? Maryland believes it can do it again - WT
The similarities between the two years, as several noted early in the season, are pretty strange. Coming off a 2-10 year? Check. Coach on the hot seat? Check. Freshman quarterback? Check. Nine wins is asking a bit much, but the general parallel structure is noteworthy.

But if we're comparing the two teams on content instead of circumstances, 2006 is the better model. That bunch got to nine wins and had a dead even point differential. Talk about gritting out some victories.

So the offensive line got beat to hell on Saturday
Sal Conaboy, Bennett Fulper, and Justin Gilbert all got dinged up. Which means the only two truly-healthy Maryland starters are the two freshmen on the line. Faaaaannntastic. Better hope everyone gets healthy by next Saturday, because State's defensive front doesn't mess around.

Maryland sings victory song again, improves somewhat
Seems like they're starting to get used to it.

Jacquille Veii just became my favorite commitment in the class of 2013
Trolling two Marylanders committed to UVA on Twitter after beating them? Nicely done.

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