Maryland Releases Depth Chart for Wake Forest: Madaras and Zeller Starting, Changes Abound

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Two new starters on the offensive line, back-end changes everywhere, and ... the running back situation is still a four-headed monster.

The official depth chart isn't out yet - I'll update with a link when it is - but media types have already gotten the press release version. And the changes are pretty drastic, just as you'd expect when a team has a bye week to bed in any changes. A run-down of what matters:

Mike Madaras and Andrew Zeller become starters. Color me shocked that Madaras has moved into a starting left tackle spot merely five weeks into his college career. I thought he was a future right tackle who'd need a redshirt year to make an impact, but could see time immediately given Maryland's situation; either the "situation" is worse than we thought, Madaras a lot better, or both - probably both. Zeller, meanwhile, gets rewarded for some pretty stellar play, moving into the starting right guard spot. I assume Sal Conaboy continues to start at center, with Bennett Fulper and Justin Gilbert at the other spots. Between Fulper, Zeller, De'Onte Arnett, Josh Cary, and Peter White, there's a ton of guard depth.

The running back situation is still listed as a four-way tie. And it can stay that way the rest of the year, for all I care. I just want to see Wes Brown get starter-level touches. I don't know what went on last week, but it needs to get fixed against Wake.

A.J. Hendy's officially back! He's listed as the second-string safety, but expect him to get time as a nickel back as well. He can play anywhere in the secondary, and his athleticism and physicality should be a boon to a sometimes-troubled secondary.

Devin Burns pulls away as the #2 QB. Pointless? Probably. But I've been wondering if Maryland might look to get Burns a few snaps as a Wildcat QB, letting him run a triple zone-read option similar to what RGIII and the Redskins have done, with Diggs as the pitch option and Reid/Brown as the dive. That's Burns' wheelhouse, and with all that athleticism on the field, I can see a few big plays coming out of it. Hopefully Locksley's willing to try something like that, so long as it doesn't disrupt Perry Hills.

Kenny Tate listed as co-starter with Alex Twine. He was listed as the backup last week and still got 50-odd plays. Expect him to get the majority of the snaps again. Twine, though, will still feature heavily. He's too good to keep off the field entirely.

Stefon Diggs: officially your starting wide receiver. Duh.

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