Maryland Minute 10.1.12: Terps Introduce Five-Year Plan, Wake's Campanaro Out

Mitchell Layton - Getty Images

Hope everyone enjoyed the bye week and got your rest in when you could. Because things are going high-octane again this week. Here's a quick weekend roundup MM/open thread to get you back up to speed.

UMD AD introduces new five-year plan, "The Maryland Way"
This is from last week, but we didn't touch on it until now. 99% of it is platitudinous marketing gobbledygook with almost no specifics. And most of the specifics are stuff we've already seen. But I do like the idea of leveraging Maryland Pride to get everyone in the state, not just the graduates, interested in UMD athletics. It's something that happens really well in Alabama and Kentucky, among some others. There is virtually no college sports competition for locals - everyone who grows up in Maryland should be attracted to the university's sports offerings, no matter where/if they end up going to college. That's a smart focus.

So the basketball team's spent some work in the weight room
Good lord. Even if guys like Nick and Layman are still a little on the light side, it's tough to imagine them getting outmuscled, especially on the perimeter.

Wake Forest WR Michael Campanaro out 3-4 weeks
"If he's lucky", he's says. So he'll definitely be out for the Maryland game. That's a huge loss for Wake; he had 13 receptions when the Deacs upset UNC, and Wake's biggest successes have come when they've passed the ball well. Taking Campanaro out of that equation will make things quite a bit tougher; he was good and athletic enough to seriously trouble Maryland's secondary, but I don't know if anyone on Wake can do that now.

Deon Long still lighting up JuCos
His latest game: 13 receptions, 239 yards, 2 TDs. That brings his total to 50 receptions, 848 yards, and 13 touchdowns ... in five games. That's first nationally in every category. Maryland's offense is gonna have some weapons.

Dinich wants Navy as ACC's 16th team
I'm not in love with that idea. In fact, I don't like it one bit. They'll never be anything above a punching bag in basketball - which doesn't really matter to HD, who's a football blogger - and even in football are only fleetingly relevant. I still stick with either Louisville or UConn.

Bill Self's extension at Kansas is good news for Terps hoops fans - Sun
This is from last week as well, but given how everyone still seems to bring it up occasionally, might as well put it here. Yes: it's good news that Self is staying at Kansas, because I have no doubt that Turgeon would take that job if asked. I also have no doubt he'd take any other job in the country, unless Maryland does something to drive him away.

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