Maryland Minute 1.7.12: Terps Women's Basketball Stays Undefeated With Huge Comeback

Image via (AP)

Maryland women’s basketball rallies past Georgia Tech to stretch winning streak to 15 - WaPo
I couldn't grab it, but I hear it was the quite the barnburner. Maryland was down by 20 with 17:39 left in the second half. That's a pretty impressive comeback, largely thanks to Alyssa Thomas' 24 points.

And so the Terps remain undefeated, at 15-0 overall and 2-0 in the ACC. If you weren't convinced before, it's past time to recognize that this is a legitimate national title contender, folks.

Zach Dancel talks about transferring to Maryland, hints that others might follow

"Of course there are a couple guys at New Mexico who are interested, who have their release," said Dancel, who started the final seven games this past season as a freshman. "I’m sure they’re considering it. A lot of guys are good players and they’re going to have other options. … And high school guys around here, being a former player, I know a lot of the seniors who are looking around. I’ve been in contact with a couple of them about Maryland."

The obvious candidates would be guys like Daniel Adams (a former three-star WR) and Crusoe Gongbay (three-star RB), as well as perhaps Larry Mazyck, an offensive lineman who was committed to Maryland for the 2011 class but decommitted and ended up out in UNM.

Jason La Canfora: "Sweeping changes" on PSU's staff, only one assistant will be retained
Isn't it our luck that that guy will likely be Larry Johnson? The good news, I guess, is that Ron Vanderlinden and Tom Bradley will likely be available. Bradley would be a pretty great hire, but I imagine he could get a MAC or C-USA head coaching gig somewhere, which is probably preferable to him.

H.D. Woodson All-Met Kenny Crawley de-commits from Tennessee; considering Auburn, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, others
Crawley, a four-star cornerback, does have some purported grades questions, but you hate to speculate on that sort of thing. What we do know is that he goes to a D.C. public, which is Locks' breadbasket. Crawley's coach, who is "handling" his recruitment, said Locksley is "really important." So you'd have to assume Maryland has a really great shot here, the grades issue notwithstanding. I do like Crawley a lot, particularly his raw measurables: he has elite physical tools at corner.

Meet Stefon Diggs' red frohawk
I don't really think it's a frohawk so much as it is a modified fauxhawk, but potato/potahto. I wonder how Edsall would feel if showed up like this. Thing is, the focus of the article is actually about how he had to grow up fast after his father passed. Sounds a bit like a Torrey Smith situation, and there are very few better people out there than Torrey.

Anyway, he does list Maryland. So there's that.

Luke Kuechly entering NFL draft
So did Dwayne Allen. So two of the three best players in the Atlantic, the other being Sammy Watkins, just left. That should make things a little easier next season.

Don Brown interviews for Yale head coaching job
In case you were wondering what our old friend Don Brown was up to. Always liked Don, I hope he gets the job.

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