Aquille Carr

Ok guys, I know we have had a pretty eventful and interesting day with regards to football, but there has been some interesting stuff on Twitter tonight regarding a certain point guard from Baltimore...

Earlier Aquille Carr tweeted "Im thinking about committing to a school 2 marro" and then "u all will see 2 marro to all my fans".

A little while after Carr said that, Alex Kline from TheRecruitScoop followed with this string of tweets-

"Aquille Carr says he may commit to Baylor, SHU, Memphis or USF on Friday; however, Carr's family says he hasn't mentioned this to them."

"Aquille Carr said last week he would wait to commit until Spring of 2013. While he says he may commit Friday, don't expect it to happen."

"Aquille Carr forgot to mention Maryland among his list of schools he may commit to Friday. He also said SHU, Baylor, USF & Memphis in play."

"Along with Aquille Carr mentioning Maryland, USF, Baylor, Seton Hall & Memphis, a coach recruiting him believes he will choose Maryland."

"A source close to Aquille Carr said Maryland hasn't been recruiting him much. He may or may not decide on Friday. The Terps have a chance."

.....I know that Kline is young, but he does get solid information whether through his own research or from someone else. This would be very interesting. I remember a little over a week ago that Turgeon and Bino went to go see him play against City, so it does seem as though they are recruiting him a little bit. In previous posts I have also mentioned the relationship that Aquille seems to have with Under Armour. IMO, I would love to have him. He'd be the single most fun terp to watch in recent memory. I also think he can be effective at the college level as long as he is surrounded by the right kind of players....What do you guys think??

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