Comcast Center Atmosphere

I think it is pretty obvious that the Duke/MD game is top-notch when it comes to sporting event atmospheres (pro or college).

"You're not going to play against a team that has a greater crowd at their home court and you have to be amped up for [playing at Maryland]." -Ryan Kelly

"Maryland is the worst school to visit. They say things that can bring a grown man to tears if he's not strong willed."

-Lee Melchioni

If anyone knows what teams have the best atmospheres, it would be Duke players. EVERYONE and their grandmother gets excited when Duke comes to their home court.

Additionally, local pros and big names always seem to show up to this game in droves. The football and basketball teams always use this game to bring in recruits (and why shouldn't they?).

So my point is this: Why can't it be this way for all home games?

We would have the best home court advantage of any team in the country (or at least one of the best).

As the big dog MT says...

"The crowd was off the charts, it was fantastic to see, it was the first time I've seen it."

"That was great; it made a huge difference in the game for us. That was fun. I can't wait until we get to the point where we get our program where I know we are going to get it; where we are selling every game out, not just Duke and North Carolina. That is when it is going to be a lot of fun, when we sell out every game."


What needs to done to get to this point? Does the problem of scanning and leaving need to be fixed? (YES!) Could ticket prices be more affordable (I think so - maybe because I am a 22 year old). A competitive basketball team and conference would also help (I think Turge will have this covered in the next few seasons). But why can't the fans who do show up to games get excited during the game and not just during the stupid shell shuffle, or other gimmicks to keep the fans from getting bored, if that is possible at a basketball game. Surely the shell shuffle isn't necessary at the Duke game. So how can this excitement be transferred to our other ACC and big name out of conference opponents? Thoughts?

(And just so my 22 year old comment doesn't discredit myself, I remember how loud Cole Field House got, most notably when "Oh, he steal!" happened (yes I was there, and yes I just used a parentheses within a parentheses)).


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