Thank You Ben, Ben & Dave

For all of your efforts in establishing, maintaining, writing and moderating the Testudo Times.

As a Terrapin Fan from before even matriculating, I truly appreciate this forum for the absolutely (and perhaps unhealthily) obsessive Terp Fan. All three of you are excellent writers with intelligent insights to the two sports that matter to me the most - Terps BB and Terps FB. I only recently started posting on this boards, but have been reading it obsessively since it was pointed out to me (actually by fushezzi who I owe a huge thanks to) on the Wapo boards.

This is not about the current state of the programs, the university, or the area. But I have followed the TT during success and disappointment for both programs (which has been farily recently for both). I have to hand it to the team that runs this board for keeping an even keel when dealing with the board members who are irrationally emotional, trolling, or incendiary. We have had several divisive, hot button issues over the last three years - not once have I seen any of the moderators be condescending, or dismissive (except for obvious trolls) or remotely abusive. That is a feat that I know that even at my advanced age, I would not be capable of.

Additionally, thanks to many of the frequent posters - I am not terribly obsessive about recruiting, but love the fact that other posters frequently update about the topic and enjoy some of the debates about kids who may or may not come to CP. The game threads during the games themselves are priceless.

I do like a degree of intelligent and informed sniping. I have stated that intraboard sniping is one of the reasons I tune in to the TI on wapo, but the overkill is why I tuned out (less so than general disgust with team performances) of the RI, WI and other wapo boards. The Terps really are that much more interesting than the Skins, Wiz, Os, or Chelsea in my book. And NOTHING beats the Testudo Times. It is a must read on a daily basis.

oh yeah - thanks fushezzi for pointing me to the Testudo Times.

Regards, and a happy 2012 to all -


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