To me---the criticism of Crowton and Bradford is Way Off

During the game last night pretty much every commenter was in agreement that Crowton sucked.  I know that Offensive coordinators are typically the easiest whipping boy of the fans when things go wrong, but even the writers on this site have piled in.  SImilarly, Bradford has come under fire.


In both cases I think the criticism is borderline insane.  What more do you want from your coordinators?



We racked up 500 yards of total offense and literally moved the ball at will like I've never seen a Terrapin offense move against a quality opponent.  He came out with a gameplan that totally had Miami on their heels defensively for at least the first quarter and a half and then he made the adjustments and moved away from the screens in the second half.  These are basic facts I think we all can agree on.

The popular criticism is "YEAH BUT WE DIDN'T SCORE IN THE REDZONE."  To that I say what more do you want from the guy. We scored our first time in the redzone, the second time we threw a pick on a play where DOB could have literally walked right in to the endzone.  In a subsequent trip we dropped a pass that most high school receivers catch in the endzone.  So really, from a playcalling standpoint he dialed up 3 TDs in something like 6 redzone trips. The simple fact is we could not run down close to the goalline. This is simply called being outmatched physically along the line.  So our redzone success was never going to be GREAT.  The fact that he dialed up plays in roughly half of our trips to compensate for that fact I think speaks to how good of a night he had calling plays.

Let's also not forget that playcalling is only a small, small part of the job of an offensive coordinator.  Teaching the scheme,  working individually with players like DOB, getting people to buy into the system are all huge parts of their job.  I think it's safe to say that DOB improved A LOT under Crowton's tutilege.


I give him an A+ for last night.  I honestly have no clue where the criticism of his performance is coming from.

As for Bradford:

Look, Miami has one of the best offensvie lines in the country, and we have a very, very undersized D-Line.   Yet, we did just enough against the run to keep them in check and we had a pretty decent pass rush.  That in and of itself is a coup.  But more importantly I think on defense is the buy in you get from your players.  I dont' think you could ask for more buy-in.  This defense at times got rolled but it always came back the next series and came up with the big play we needed.

I am baffled again how anyone could criticize the job Bradford did against a Miami team that is loaded with speed, a great O-Line and a QB that TORCHED us last year.  He dialed up the right defense to do just enough to hold Miami and more importantly they actually made some GIGANTIC plays---like Chism's pick 6 and the two fumbles they forced.

Again I'm giving him an A+


The whole staff did such a great job--I'd like to see them get credit for it.

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