Turn Coats

Everyone needs to chill out. We got blanked and embarrased. Its not like this hasn't happened before. Everyone remember when we were headed to the orange bowl and didn't show up against UVA in 02-03? Do you remember the UVA game when we got blasted 30-0 a couple of years ago? Or when clemson put a complete beat down on us when we were having a decent year 31-0?

Believe me, I was completely disugusted. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, it was like the first half of the WVU game but for a full game. The offense looked confused and had zero momentum. The defense got pushed around and looked even more confused. But to turn on the players, the QB and the Coaches after 3 games is just ridiculous. There were stupid penalties, stupid uniforms, bad ref calls, and bad tackling. On top of that a crowd that any other school that wants to be taken seriously in football would be embarrassed to have.

I was upset when Fridge got fired, and maybe we wouldn't have gotten beat like this but I can remember losing to middle tennessee state a couple of times, holding on by the seat of my pants when we barely pulled one out at home against James Madison, and sick to my stomach when we lost games to UNC and UVA when they were absolutely terrible. Bottom line is the school did need a change and I have come to accept that Ralph needed to go or we would continue to go 7-6, 5-7 or worse for 3 years and then occasionally go 9-4.

I was totally against Randy Edsall's hire but I've grown to respect him and I for one am not going to give up on my terps because of a really really bad game. Now if we go 3-9 maybe I will but right now we have time to get things together. A couple of last points I'd like to make:

1. QB controversy- come on, calm this stuff down right now, maybe cj gets more time next week against towson but to throw DOB to the curb right now is ridiculous. CJ came in with 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter down 38-0, not only that it seemed like Crowton's dumb ass decided to open up the play book a little on that drive as well which pissed me off to no end.

2. Bradford- we all know that bradford being promoted to DC was because brown left late, one thing i'm confused about is Edsall usually ran the defense at UCONN, he probably just needs to take over here. Another note, Bradford needs to get his ass out of the booth and come down on the field.

3. Firing edsall- he's coached for 3 games. quit being idiots and have at least a tiny bit of patience. Let him get at least some kids from dc and baltimore in here that fridge could never bring in before we start to judge, and let him get one season in before we call for his head.

Thank you, That is all.

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