Post in support of Edsall

Alright, there's a couple different Fan Posts about this and about 100 different comments, so forgive me for not reading everything before I write this as some people may have already said what I'm about to. I'm sure this will likely make me almost as unpopular as firegary, but quite honestly I don't care.

If you are venting, I get it. I'm upset to. That was one of the worst games I've seen in a long time. And yes, the coaching staff deserves alot of blame, the majority of it even. But the players are still the ones on the field getting their butts handed to them.

But to claim we need to fire Edsall? That's literally the most ridiculous thing I've heard in my entire life, one which has been filled with ridiculous things. IT'S BEEN THREE GAMES!!! Some things take time.


For those who claim they wish Fridge should still be our coach, please understand exactly what you are saying. I'm not going to get into whether he should or shouldn't have been fired, it's in the past. First of all, these are still ALL of his recruits that laid an egg on the field today. Secondly, sure he won last year, but we weren't exactly playing a hard schedule. Don't forget just two years ago we only won two games, losing to Middle Tennessee, Rutgers, Wake Forest, UVA, and Duke and ALMOST losing to James Madison. He had also completely lost this area in recruiting. I'm not going to say we don't have good players on this team, but these players are built for a different type of team.


For those who claim Mike Leach should be the hire, I think we would easily be in the same exact postion now as we would be if that was the case. Crowton's offense and Leach's offense are not THAT different. They are both pass heavy, screen heavy offenses. Neither goes down the field much. And if you don't believe me, please think back to the ECU game last year and how putrid their offense was, they ran the same exact thing and we dominated it.


For those who claim Franklin should've been the coach. Really? Is that really what you want? Yeah, I didn't think so.


Look, it's this staffs first season. It is a complete scheme change on both offense and defense, they are going to take time to install as there really aren't many similarities from last years schemes to this years schemes. Danny O'Brien had a full year to learn the offense before last year, which was part of the reason he looked so good for a freshman. This time around, he's being thrown into the fire immediately. Also, don't forget there's no Torrey Smith, Da'Rel Scott, Ronnie Tyler, etc. Those are HUGE losses, especially when transitioning to a new scheme.


Also don't forget that this team only has 7 seniors listed on it's two deep depth chart. Not exactly a team filled with seasoned guys.


As for recruiting, are we seriously going to rate a guys recruiting after this short of a period of time? The guys we have on our board right now are the guys that fill out a recruiting class, whether it's a top 20 class or top 50 it doesn't matter, these guys are what will always be the base of our recruiting class. And they are all being recruited to fit our new schemes, which is key. Sure we don't have that one guy you can really hang your hat on, but you also have to realize that those guys haven't committed yet. Goldman, Diggs, Brown, Spence, etc, are all still open. The fact that we are still one of the first few teams listed for these guys is HUGE and a testament to the work Edsall is putting in. When was the last time you heard of or saw a picture of Friedgen recruiting his tail off? I honestly don't think I ever did. And all I've heard for the past two months is how visible Edsall has been with these recruits. That will pay dividends in the end, but you have to be patient. We're not the school yet that we can offer a scholarship and a kid will jump all over it.


I can understand your frustrations with the game today and the need to vent. Like I said, the coaching staff including Edsall deserves a large portion of the blame. But let's not be irrational after three games. Let's at least act like we know what we're doing here. This likely won't be the year we win the ACC, but I feel alot better about our program today than I felt a year ago. I hope you all do to once you look past today's game. Have faith.

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