Maryland Minute - 09.19.11 - Conference Expansion & Football News

I'm glad the WVU game was a sellout. That's 2 more this year than we had all of last year. Sadly, I think that streak ends thus Saturday and next Saturday...

The conference expansion dominoes continue to fall and the rumors continue to fly. As long as we have a lot of expansion news out there, we'll try to feature a "Conference expansion" section in the Maryland Minute, as well as your normal Maryland links.

Conference Expansion Links:

ACC Expansion: Don't Assume Rutgers, UConn Will Join League
The ACC will probably expand, but not necessarily right away. Am I the only one that doesn't want UConn in the ACC and think they have little added value?

Is raiding the ACC still a possibility for the SEC? | UGA: The Junkyard Blawg
Bill King thinks that, despite voting to increase the exit fee to $20 mil, FSU could still leave for the SEC. He also makes fun of WVU, because no one wants them.

SEC Expansion: West Virginia Not Off The Table Yet -
Apparently WVU has applied to be in the SEC. The SEC hasn't said "no", just "hold on, there are better schools that we want to court first, so you're our safety school." That should be something WVU is use to hearing.

Maryland Links:

Terrapins were their own worst enemy - Washington Times
Patrick Stevens looks at one of the biggest problems facing the Terps against WVU - themselves.

Surprisingly, Terps' O'Brien acts his age in loss - Sports - The Diamondback - University of Maryland
The Diamondback looks at what went wrong with DOB on Saturday. That's easy - his two best receivers were suspended a day before the game.

Maryland Coach Randy Edsall: Suspended Ronnie Tyler, Quintin McCree have to ‘regain my trust for what they did'
Edsall basically says he'll let them play again when he sees enough from them. They can still practice. Edsall continues to say the right things in the media. McCree, by the way, was present at the scene. -BB

Randy Edsall elaborates on Danny O’Brien’s performance - Terrapins Insider
Edsall says the right things here. Still positive and upbeat about DOB, as he should be. -BB

Maryland vs. Temple, a first look at Saturday’s matchup - Terrapins Insider - The Washington Post
Eric Prisbell previews Maryland's upcoming game against Temple.

Maryland hosts open forum to solicit ideas for how to fix athletic department budget deficit - The Washington Post
Maryland hosted a forum to solicit ideas to fill the University's 1 Million budget gap in the Athletic Department. Only about 60 people attended. I personally don't think they did a good enough job promoting this, but you'd still want to see more people there.

The Geography of College Football Fans (and Realignment Chaos) -
Interesting analysis on the number of fans each team has. Not sure as to its accuracy - in fact, I can guarantee that Georgia Tech, Boston College, and UVA do not have more fans than Florida State - but interesting nonetheless. Per this, Rutgers would be bringing in a lot of fans, particularly in NYC. Worth thinking about. -BB

My Take - the analysis admits it's flawed. I hope so, because it's not favorable to Maryland...

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