Why the ACC can't afford to bring Texas in.

I spent the day celebrating the fact that I was wrong about John Swofford, the fact that he's getting Cuse and Pitt into the ACC means I was wrong about him when I said he didn't have the ACC in the drivers seat in conference expansion. We may not be drivers, but at least we're not the Big East/12. Cuse and Pitt are huge picks ups. And wondering which schools could possibly be next: West Virginia (no), UConn, Rutgers (please no), Kansas....or Texas?

But the more I think about it, the more I've come around to thinking that Texas isn't good for the ACC.

Let's examine why the Big 12 is disintegrating, in spite of Texas's noted efforts to keep it together.

Texas A&M, Oklahoma, two marquee programs have decided that the uneven revenue split with Texas isn't good for them. So much so that (Red headed step child) TAMU would rather be irrelevant in the SEC than deal with the massive amount of dollars Texas gets from both the uneven revenue split and the Long Horn Network deal. Oklahoma has almost as good as gone to the Pac12, and they'll likely take Oklahoma State with them. Colorado and Nebraska have all ready bolted for the equal revenue sharing conferences of the Pac12 and Big10. (Yes I know they don't get equal revenue sharing right away, but they will eventually)

What's to stop something similar happening again in the ACC?

The only acceptable way for Texas to become part of the ACC is that Texas has to agree with an equal revenue sharing deal. However, that's a big ask, because as the 300 million dollar LHN deal proves, Texas does have leverage when it comes to negotiating it's revenue share.

Does anybody honestly believe the FSU, Miami, V-Tech, G-Tech, heck even Clemson would be happy to just be in a conference with Texas? You don't think that a few years down the road, when we do this whole conference shuffle again, those schools don't look for better deals?

The immediate addition of Texas does mean more total dollars for all parties involved, even if Texas gets a larger than average share.

Fortunately for Maryland, our proximity to the nations capital (the 9th biggest media market in the U.S.) keeps Maryland in a good position in regards to the conference shuffle, but what about some of our conference brethern who don't attract as many TV screens? Are they to go do what Baylor and Iowa State are doing? and basically offer themselves to any conference that will take them.

I'm not against Texas joining the ACC, but it has to be under our (the ACC's) terms. Texas has basically destroyed the Big 12, the ACC doesn't need to be next.

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