Maryland Wide Receivers Tyler, McCree Suspended Indefinitely [Update: Tyler Charged With Second-Degree Assault]

COLLEGE PARK, MD - SEPTEMBER 05: Ronnie Tyler #4 of the Maryland Terrapins scores a touchdown during the first half against the Miami Hurricanes at Byrd Stadium on September 5, 2011 in College Park, Maryland. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Well, there goes two of Maryland's top three wide receivers. Per the Diamondback [2]:

Senior wideouts Quintin McCree and Ronnie Tyler have been suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules, spokesman just announced. [...] There is no timetable for their reinstatement, according to team's release.

Wide receivers were easily one of Maryland's most worrisome positions before the season started, given the real inexperience there. Tyler and McCree, both seniors, were expected to be the leaders at the position, but Kevin Dorsey's breakout opener against Miami has elevated him to the top. Still, Tyler and McCree are/were big parts of the offense, and this loss will sting.

UPDATE 9:40 PM: Via IMS, the Maryland state database has Tyler being charged earlier today with second-degree assault. His trial date is set for November 1. I think it's safe to say he won't be playing until then, and his career is possibly over. Sad news. No sight of McCree in the database.

The two combined for 13 receptions and 82 yards against the U back on Monday, and their experience and talent were key. Instead, Maryland will be trotting out the notoriously inconsistent Kerry Boykins, a former four-star with tons of talent but a nasty history of drops, and ... well, actually, he's the only other WR listed in the depth chart. But you'd expect Adrian Coxson, who may or may not be available, Tony Logan, Devin Burns, and Tyrek Cheeseboro to be the major contenders, and probably in that order. True freshman Marcus Leak could be a contender, as well.

There's some talent in that group, particularly with Coxson and Leak, but only one of those players has ever taken a snap before. And even that is Logan, who's a punt returner by trade and has been at wide out maybe 25 times over the course of his career. That's some serious inexperience.

The loss of Tyler is especially painful. Not only was he a talented receiver, but he did a great job blocking on those wide receiver screens that appear to be so crucial to Maryland's offense. No telling how the others will do in that underrated facet of the game.

No specific reason was given. Esdall gave a blanket statement about his players' needs to conduct themselves "academically, athletically, and socially", so I'm guessing it's an academic issue. For the record, this same thing happened in the ECU bowl game last year to both of these guys. And hey, I did tell you not to count on them.

Not an encouraging development. Almost enough, in fact, to make me rethink my "Terps will probably win" prediction.

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