Maryland Minute 8.15.11 - McGary Visits Florida, Details Other Visit Dates


McGary Enjoys Florida Visit - Zags
Ladies ... do some work.

"He enjoyed it," his father, Tim, told "He liked the campus. He said there’s a lot of beautiful women on campus."

That's our Mitch. Anyway, the rest of the pertinent information is duplicated at the next link, so I'll leave it till then.

Mitch McGary Blogs for ESPNRise
He talks a bit about the Florida visit and lists all of his dates for his visits. Maryland's not getting a return visit; they're visiting Michigan, Kentucky, Duke, and UNC, ie, every school he hasn't visited so far. So that's a fair shot, but I was holding out hope he'd take another look at MD.

And he reviews Weezy's new mixtape, so, um, there's that.

Maryland football media day is today
We'll have a full roundup of links when it's all done.

Bigger doesn't mean better for White in Terps' up-tempo offense - Washington Times
One of the biggest talking points so far of fall practice so far has been the up-tempo pace, both of practice (required by the decreased practice hours) and the offense. That's a bit of a problem for massive G Pete White. Despite huge talent, Edsall says he's "not very happy with where [White's] at right now."

Aaron and Andrew Harrison interview - DraftExpress
Not much in the way of recruiting news, but they reiterate that they're looking for a "family situation." And I love the answer to "Is the NBA a goal?" Andrew: "Yes, that'd be nice. I would like to go to the NBA."

The Current ACC SECession Threat Advisory Level Is ... Orange - BC Interruption
Our friends at BCI round up reactions of the various ACC teams and how much they want to leave the conference. No one really seems to want to stay, unfortunately.

WVU Site says 'Eers have support to join ACC
From "very reliable sources," WVU is up there with Pitt, Syracuse, Rutgers, and UConn as the ACCs top expansion candidates. And I'd hope they'd be below all of those four, but, y'know, whatever. Anyway, the site claims WVU support from VT, Maryland, UVA, Florida State, GT, Miami, BC, and Clemson, with Duke and UNC as definite no votes. Wake and NC State are the swings, supposedly.

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