McGary and the chances we have to get him

I think we have a good shot in getting McGary even though there is a bunch of blue-bloods that are hovering around this kid.  As a Terp alum I'm just ecstatic at the enthusiasm, the persistence the staff and especially Coach Bino has brought to the recruiting trails.  We should expect to be competing with the Blue-bloods of college basketball,  not running away from them.  In the article below Mcgary and his father talk about what they are looking for in a program and in a coach. Hopefully we can bag him in November and if we don't we still have other athletic PF that will be available ie. Macon and Dalonte Hill's prospect  (Phil Nolan).

McGary narrowed his 28 scholarship offers to six schools Tuesday: Duke, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan and North Carolina.

McGary, with the help of his father and AAU coach with the SYF Players, Wayne Brumm, narrowed his list to six schools: Duke, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan and North Carolina.

McGary's father, Tim, told Tuesday they didn't want to string the other schools and coaches along.

"He had 28 offers. I sat down and added them up. I kept telling him over the course of the summer, "Mitch, you need to narrow it down because we're wasting the valuable time with these coaches.' I didn't want to lead anybody on," McGary said. "He was pretty serious about these six schools."

Above all, McGary said his son is looking for, among other things, a strong relationship with the program's head coach.

"He keeps saying he wants to have a good relationship with the head coach. He has a great relationship with Wayne Brumm and with Jason Smitih out at Brewster. He wants to have the same thing with the head coach. I want the coach to treat him like he's his son because I'm not going to be there," McGary said.

"Outside of that, I know he wants to get a finance degree, he wants to be in a great program and use his skill and he wants to win a national championship."

A 6-foot-11, 250-pound bruising yet highly skilled big man, McGary's stock went through the roof during the spring and summer AAU season and is now ranked the No. 6 overall player in the Top 247.

McGary broke down the six schools still standing on the list.
McGary will take visits before he's scheduled to report back to Brewster September 10 and is expected to sign in November.


"(John Calipari), most of his guys go to the NBA. He gets them ready. Not too many coaches get them ready more than coach Cal. He wants a chance to win a national title. If he went to Kentucky, he'd have that chance."


"We live three miles from Lake Michigan. It's close and he has friends that play there. And he likes the coach (John Beilein)."


"(Billy) Donovan, he develops big men pretty well. He's sent quite a few to the NBA."


"He visited and got to meet coach (Mark) Turgeon. He liked it there."

Duke and North Carolina:

"Of course Duke and North Carolina are great programs. How could you not be interested in those schools?"

McGary talks visits, decision

Having already visited Maryland and Michigan, McGary says the family has outlined a plan to visit the other four in August before McGary heads back to Brewster Academy September 10.

"We're going to visit them all," McGary said. "He's in Florida on vacation and he's going to visit Gainesville while he's down there. On our way back to Brewster, he'll visit the rest of the schools and find out what they're all about."

McGary says he doesn't expect his son to drag his recruitment out much longer and will more than likely sign with a school in November.

"I don't think it will go into the spring. Late October he'll probably have a decision. We don't want to wait too long. There's only so many scholarships. They may go around you."

For McGary, one would be willing to bet they'd wait.

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