Top UMD Recruits sans McGary on ESPN3

Alright guys so since recruiting news is pretty slow this week, thought I might let everyone (who wasn't already aware know) that most of the Terps top targets are playing on TV today and tomorrow. Right now it's Texas Pro v. Georgia Stars and tomorrow it'll be BABC v. Hoops Heaven and Team Takeover v. Houston Defenders in the Semis for the Gold Bracket.

For those of you who don't know whose on Texas Pro that we're looking at here's a little info!

This squad is led by Baylor commit Isaiah Austin (Mansfield, Texas/Grace Prep), No. 2 overall in the Class of 2012. The 7-foot center has an enormous wing span and the skills of a small forward, which help him dominate the action. But he is certainly not alone, as Danrad "Chicken" Knowles (Houston/HCYA) has blossomed into a high-major talent and recruit. The long, skinny forward has great versatility and excellent athletic ability. At 6-10 he can pick and pop outside and block shots on the inside. (Another player who has shot up the charts is Danuel House (Sugar Land, Texas/Hightower), who is a natural scorer from different spots on the floor. If the game is on the line, you can bet the house it's going to him.

So for anyone who has some free time on their hands now, you should check out the second half, it's a pretty high scoring affair 33-32 at the half.

And tomorrow games are being shown at 4:30 and 7.

Personally I most interested in the TTO v HD game, for the Anya v. Cleare, Robinson v. Harrison match-up and the Sanders v. Holloway shoot out. In fact Holloway got a mention on ESPN:

Patrick Holloway (Fairfax, Va./Paul VI)
2012, SG, 6-1, 160
The unsung hero of Team Takeover, Holloway continues to hit timely 3-pointers and midrange jumpers with great confidence. He is the great equalizer anytime he is on the floor. He sometimes gets overlooked with the many stars around him but he's a tough kid who makes big shots, plays with poise and doesn't rattle in the moment. George Mason, George Washington, Delaware, St. Joseph's and Towson are after him.

And here's fivestarbasketball's commentary on Aaron Harrison and Cleare:

Aaron Harrison (Houston Defenders): The Five-Star rated floor leader notched an efficient 20 points in the Defenders' quarterfinal win over Each 1 Teach 1 Tuesday morning. Harrison, who possesses a lightning quick first-step and yo-yo handle, split defensive traps and continously found the open man in scoring position. He dictated the tempo of the game and kept turnovers to a minimum. When the rock wasn't in No. 2's hands, his backcourt-mate and brother, Andrew, commanded the offense with equal precision.

Shaquille Cleare (Houston Defenders): Let's make this 'Cleare.' An immovable object on the blocks, Each 1 Teach 1 had no answer for the 2012 center, who pounded the offensive glass and secured position deep in the paint on several post-up plays to the tune of 18 points and often looking like a man among boys in the day's opening quarterfinal matchup.

I hope this cures some of this weeks boredom, enjoy!

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