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This is kind of late but I went to the AAU tourney in Moco on Sunday to watch Team Takeover, and just thought I'd share a few of my thoughts, and because Ben is forcing me to write this.


First off, I didn't stay that long and only caught one Takeover game against a NOVA team full of scrubs, but I'll get on that a little later.


The atmosphere at this event was pretty cool. You're literally a couple feet from the action with prospects we talk about daily surrounding you. Montrose Christians varsity was sitting next to us which included the little Asian dude, Michael Carrera, Kevin Larson and everyone else except for Justin Anderson. Team Takeover were hanging around too before their game. Harvey Grant was also there to watch his kid play along with Kendell Marshall's dad who was hanging around Team Takeover's bench talking to Keith Stevens (head of TT). 

There were a ton of D1 schools representing. We saw Seth Greenberg, Jamie Dixon there along with assistants from Towson, NC State, Kansas State, USC, WVU, Indiana, and a bunch more who I couldn't get a closer look. There was roughly 20 D1 coaches/scouts there sitting along one wall. Once Team Takeover's 17U took the court basically all of the recruiters gathered at the court to watch. 

When we got there Team Takeover 16U were about to start. Their team is pretty good and they handily beat this AAU team called Chavez. Takeover had a kid #5 named Mike Cunnigham whose 5'10" but the kid is pretty legit. He's really quick and has really great handles. If he was taller than 6' then he would be a legit prospect. I got to speak with him for a minute, and he said colleges are starting to contact him but no one major IIRC.

Chavez had this player #12 who was a man child. Guy reminded me of a poor man's Justin Anderson in terms of his athleticism. If anyone else saw him I am curious to know his name.

We also saw some of Nike Bmore Elite's younger teams play . I didn't get to see Isaiah Miles though. Nothing stood out to me about them.

Before I get into TT's game, MC also began practicing at another court with Stu Vetter and what looked like the entire staff. They began their game the same time as TT. I gotta say Michael Carrera looks much more athletic in person and always finds some way to dominate the boards.

First of all let me begin by saying I am not small in any way but Beejay Anya is huge. His wingspan is legit. Even more so Jerami Grant is as tall as advertised. He's legit 6'8" with shoes. AA Moto is ripped and tall as well. Its easy to see why these guys are high major prospects based on their size alone. 

TT's pregame warm consisted of basically layups and dunks. You could tell they weren't going to take this game seriously. NOVA's team was full of Pillsbury dough boys. Literally. 5'6" chubsters. 

However, TT began the game sloppy. Jerami Grant aired a 18 foot jumper. The entire team was shooting bricks. However, they started to get it going and Grant began taking the ball inside and dominating the glass. His positives were that he has great size, hits the glass, his handles look great, and has a high bball IQ. He realized his shot wasn't falling so he went inside to create opportunities for himself. He attacks the rim though when he drives inside and is looking to dunk with authority. Negatives are his shot and lateral quickness. For him to be elite he needs to work on his jumper. I think TerpsInsider had that interview were Jerami said the same thing.

Beejay Anya didn't have anyone who could match up against so its pointless to analyze his game. He got the ball whenever he wanted and got to the free throw line with ease. 

AA Moto had a huge scare. During a rebound? he feel to the ground writhing in pain and holding his left knee. Fortunately he got up and walked on his own accord, but I was told that the same thing happened to that knee before. Not sure how true that is. In terms of his play, he was nonexistent. 

I didn't stick around for their second game but from all accounts they put on a clinic. If you guys ever have a chance to go a legit AAU tourney I'd recommend it. Its pretty cool to see everyone in person. 

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