Its Monday lets talk Bball - Summary + Roster Questions

I read all of the posts relating to this weekends activity.  I am glad that Seth Allen finally got to show himself to some of the scouts/analysts.  I still believe that he will crack the top 100 and finish with a 93 rating accorinding to ESPN.  Amile Jefferson's play was also encouraging.  More and more it appears that his game compliments a SF more then a PF.  The Mitch McGary interview was also a plus.  MD is still putting in the most effort.... if we lose out on McGary it isnt because MD's staff wasnt giving it 100%.  I have read quite a few posts about Jerami Grant saying that MD is now pursuing him the hardest.... I havent seen the actual quote but if it is true its a positive.  I have no clue how to react to Jake Layman.  I dont know if he is a backup plan or what.  In my opionion, MD is not a good enough program right now to offer a top 150 player but make the offer non-binding.  The only negative news from the weekend was the Nate Britt news.  MD didnt make his top three.  Nate will stay close to home but I think Nova or Gtown will win that battle.

I have read numerous posts this weekend discussing MD needing "wing" players or multiple SF's.  I disagree 100%.  If you look at our current roster pretty much all of our impact players are wings.  First off lets clarify something... if you arent playing PG and bringing up the ball you are either playing in the paint/block or you are out on a wing.  I.E a SG & SF are both wing players.  Faust, Howard, Stoglin, Parker, Mosley, & Hawk are all wing players throughout the course of a game.  So what players are impact player that arent wings???? Padge, Pankey, & Weiss.... argueably the worst 3 "impact" players MD has.

The only wing player that MD has that will graduate next year is Mosley & we have Seth Allen (combo guard) coming in next year to add to the rotation.  I think that MD should only bring in 1 more wing.  I agree 100% that it should be a bigger wing (6'7 or 6'8 would be ideal).  Grant, Jefferson, Moto, & Layman all fit that description.  I could also see bringing in a specialist like Sanders because the kid can flat out shoot from behind the arc.  He would be ideal for games where MD faces a zone or is in need of a big shot.

The reason I am pointing this out is because by taking multiple wings next year we are creating an unbalanced team to attract a top recruit/recruits for 2013???  I dont see the Harrison twins coming if we already have 7-8 impact wing players. 

I think that our biggest area of need is the Center & PF position.  We could take 3 top 100 players in the 2012 class and all would have a chance to start or play considerable minutes from day 1.  I personally think that Prince, Cleare, & McGary
would play over Padge & Pankey.

If you look at the top powerhouses of college ball they follow a recruiting system.  They usually have a 4 man class with a PG, wing, PF, & Center.  Sometimes they have a tweener in there or go with two wings, but they recruit systematically. 

So the question in debate is do we take Seth Allen, two wings, & 2 PF/C in 2012 and all but canabilize 2013 or do we only take 1 wing and give ourselves a shot. 

I personally think that we should only take 1 wing. 

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