Arnaud Adala Moto D.C's Athlete of the Year


So a few days ago DCSportsFan ranked and awarded Maryland Basketball recruit, Arnaud Adala Moto, with the Athlete of the Year Award. Just four days before ESPN analysts wrote a nice piece about his defense and rebounding at the Kevin Durant Skills Academy.  Here's the link as well:

"This three-sport athlete has made a major impact in a short amount of time at Episcopal High School. While he is best known for his performance on the basketball court, Adala Moto also dominated on the soccer field. 

Adala Moto spends the fall playing soccer for one of the best programs in the country. Last year he scored 13 goals and recorded nine assists in 18 games played and was named All-IAC. He scored nine of his goals in nine league games as Episcopal finished 17-1-1 overall and 10-0-0 in IAC play. 

On the basketball court, Adala Moto was a First Team All-Met, First Team All-IAC, and First Team Division I State of Virginia selection. Adala Moto averaged 18 points per game and 12 rebounds. He was the MVP of the Sleepy Thompson Tournament and led the Maroon to a 25-3 record, which set a school record for wins. 

Adala Moto currently holds scholarship offers from UCLA, Stanford, Florida, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, NC State, Maryland, Miami, Georgia Tech, Seton Hall, Cincinnati, Missouri, Xavier and George Mason, as well as 15 other schools. 

Expect Adala Moto, who also ran track, to be back on this list next year."

Frankly, he is a naturally athletic, and monster on the basketball court. And considering the fact he is from Cameroon and all his closest friends and family are from this area, I feel like if we show him how much he would mean to us and play off the staying close to home aspect he'd be more than willing to come to Maryland.

My concern, however, is that the new basketball recruiting staff may not have been able to show him or future recruits just how good UMD is considering most of them have only been here a little more than a month. They wouldn't have had nearly enough time to learn the campus, traditions, exciting features and the way the fans work, since they're just learning that for themselves. Also Coach Turge has never seen him play. Plus the main person who recruited him, Rob Eshan, is now at VT and they want him as well.

I have faith, in our new basketball staff and feel that if they really want him, they will do everything in their power to get him here, and after reading that article, I can't see why they wouldn't want to pull all the stops.



Here's a link and the article talking about his track performance:


Arnaud Adala-Moto brought his winning attitude from IAC Championships in soccer and basketball moving up from his runner-up finish in 2010 to take the IAC Championship in the High Jump event. At the championship meet Adala-Moto was competing in both the High Jump and Long Jump events simultaneously and was going back and forth between the two events. He scored valuable points in the Long Jump jumping a personal record and placing third in the event. Adala-Moto is ranked No. 1 in Independent school rankings going into the State Championships.

The results at states:

Arnaud Adala-Moto received All-State honors in the high jump event after going up against the returning champion and taking him down to the final jumps of the competition and placed second. High Jump: 1. Pat Butler (BS) 6'4; 2. Arnaud Adala Moto (Epis) 6'2; 3. Tyron McDade (FUMA) 6.

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