Terps Player Ratings from NCAA '12 Leak, Tate and O'Brien Lead Way

I don't know about you guys, but I'm dying to play some NCAA Football '12. We still have a few weeks for the game to drop, but I've been playing the demo and searching for some cool custom covers to bide the time. Now I can criticize EA's ratings, too, thanks to Mike Prada and the boys at SBN D.C., who took the time to transcribe the rankings of some the players in a leaked video.

Shamelessly borrowing their hard work and fleshing it out to include more players, check the rankings below:

QUARTERBACK: Danny O'Brien (89), C.J. Brown (69) 

RUNNING BACK: Davin Meggett (88), D.J. Adams (81), Gary Douglas* (77)

FULLBACK: Taylor Watson* (76), Haroon Brown* (67)

WIDE RECEIVER: Quintin McCree (81), Ronnie Tyler (81), Kevin Dorsey (80), Tony Logan (77), Kerry Boykins (75), Tyrek Cheeseboro (63)

TIGHT END: Matt Furstenburg (81), Dave Stinebaugh (77), Devonte Campbell (73), Ryan Schlothauer (66)

OFFENSIVE LINE: R.J. Dill (83), Max Garcia (78), Justin Gilbert (76); Andrew Gonnella (82), DeOnte Arnett (76); Bennett Fulper (81); Pete White (78), Josh Cary (74); Nick Kelmm (78), Pete DeSouza (73)

DEFENSIVE LINE: Justin Anderson (78), Isaiah Ross (75); Joe Vellano (83), A.J. Francis (81), Zach Kerr (76), Maurice Hampton (73); Bradley Johnson (74)

LINEBACKER: Darin Drakeford (80); David Mackall (78); Demetrius Hartsfield (86), Ryan Donohue (72), Lorne Goree (70)

CORNERBACK: Cameron Chism (83), Trenton Hughes (80), Dexter McDougle (76), Avery Graham (73)

SAFETY: Kenny Tate (90), Eric Franklin (79), Travis Hawkins (76); Matt Robinson (82), Titus Til (72)

KICKER: Nick Ferrara (83)

PUNTER: Michael Tart (73)

It is, of course, rife with inaccuracies: misnumbered players, players who have graduated, and players who I don't think have ever actually existed. Tyler Smith is still present in the roster, Devin Burns is still a QB, there are a few random RBs I've never seen, neither of their FBs are with the team anymore, the OL is occasionally out of position, they haven't moved Mackall to DE or Tate to LB, and quite of a few of the defensive backs are wrong.

But hey, what can you expect? These are always present. I'll have to do some pretty heavy tinkering to get everything right. More important are the ratings, and they seem fairly ... fair, though Tate should definitely be closer to 95 and I'd drop most everyone else in the secondary a tad.

I would normally end this type of post with a plea for real news, but screw it: I love this game, this would get posted if the Gary Successor Search was still happening.

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