I know we will win the NATTY in 2014 ! That road begins with prudent recruiting. I mean ,dont fill an imploded 2011 class with filler pieces when we need more for 2012. Dont go over 3 recruits in 2012 class because 2013 is that "FIRE" class.

  2011 ,just let sleeping dogs be. Unless you can grab McGary there. TURGE is using this season as a performance guage for the back of the roster. Example, Pankey plays all yr but favors his foot. Its a loss of a scholly for him.Add one scholly to 2012.

  Recruits 2011

Nick Faust

  2012 is where the dynasty begins . Up until that point  a seasoned backcourt  is just what the doctor ordered for the young bigs about to come into the program.Seth Allen should be the loneguard. Two bigs round it out. unless someone like Hawk gets homesick. If that happens we have 2 schollies to roll back. but 1 for sure to 2013.

  Recruits 2012 

Shaq Cleare C  McGary SF/PF  Seth Allen Combo

No McGary, then we go 4  to this class

Cleare  Macon  Moto  Allen


  We are "SWAG U" and we will be acting accordingly. New blood being pumped into the program has put our name in the media 100x more now  than the last 5 yrs combined.

  2013 is where the SWAG meets the road.  We all know the names being thrown around. we know the recruiters. This is the class that goes down as the best in MD history.this is the class where TEXAS meets DC BMORE.All i need out of Delonte hill is Nate Britt and BJ ANYA .  Bino  , all I need  is the twins , Kam Williams and call in a favor from  " RANDY EDSALL" !!

  The SUPER 6 class is missing 1 more person . that person is Derrick Griffin pf 6-8 "COUSIN" of the Harrison twins !! Mr 46 in vert. He is also one of the top wr in the country for football. We can get Randy a bonafide 4/5 star receiver who hoops just as wellor better.

  Recruiting 2013

BJ Anya C

Derrick Griffin PF/SF

Kam Williams COMBO

Andrew Harrison COMBO

Nate Britt PG

Aaron harrison PG/SG

  For this to happen someone leaves  and DG gets a football scholly. RE said he loves guys who play multiple sports.Hawk dont leave like some have said then we can only have 3 in 2012.If McGary pops to us in 2011 we only take 2 in 2012.


  Remember for those that dont know me  I RIDE WITH THOSE THAT ARE DOWN WITH ME MD TIL I DIE!!  


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