Scout's Gershon: Maryland, Miller to Meet on Saturday

LAS VEGAS - NOVEMBER 27: Head coach Sean Miller of the Arizona Wildcats questions an official during his team's 87-79 loss to the Kansas Jayhawks in the championship game of the Las Vegas Invitational at The Orleans Arena November 27 2010 in Las Vegas Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

UPDATE 12:30: Finally some news that makes sense. This via Fox's Josh Gershon:

According to sources, Sean Miller will meet with Maryland on Saturday in Las Vegas.

So there we go. He's coaching a clinic in Vegas with a bunch of other high-profile guys, so it makes sense for that to be the meeting point. Unfortunately, though, he isn't coming to College Park, which makes things a little less interesting.

Either way, this is now the story, and it's the only one that actually makes any sense at all. Until Jeff Goodman says they're actually both flying to Manitoba to go caribou hunting.

If you want to be toyed with, read the rest of the ridiculous sources below. Accuracy not guaranteed:


The carousel never stops spinning. At least not yet. First it was Sean Miller. Then it was some random guy we didn't know. And now it's Sean Miller again, courtesy of ESPNs Paul Biancardi:

From a source close to Sean Miller, I am getting word that he is on a private plane headed to Maryland. If true this is moving fast !less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply


Look, Biancardi isn't a reporter. He's not a "get scoops" kind of guy. But he is a former coach, and a guy with a lot of connections in the coaching world. It's completely realistic to imagine that he could've gotten word through the grapevine that Miller is heading to Maryland. It's also realistic to imagine he got duped or read too much into some information. Take all of this in with that very obvious caveat in mind.

If he's right, this is obviously good news. Even if he's only coming to tour the facilities or negotiate a contract, him coming to Maryland is an important move. It indicates serious interest on his side, and you'd think it would make it easier for a deal to get done.

Then again, maybe this is just more misinformation and misdirection in what has become an increasingly muddied process.

Now I'm going to try to go bed. Again.

Update 12:11: A Twitterer reminded me that Miller is supposed to be in Vegas for a coaching clinic tomorrow. Is he skipping out? Or is this wrong? Just something else to chew on.

Update 12:16: This seemed kinda fishy to me to start with. Now we have a conflicting report from Scout's Brian Snow, a guy I trust more when it comes to actual reporting than the analyst Biancardi. 

I can say Sean Miller is not on a plane right now, he is at his house

Snow used to be a Xavier-specific reporter back when Miller was there, so it's likely that he has some strong connections here.

Sorry folks. Looks like a false alarm.

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