Maryland Minute 5.1.11 - Cliff Tucker Thinks Jordan Williams is Probably Going Pro

Prophet? Hopefully not.

First off, apologies for being incognito all weekend. Something came up and I had to spend the weekend without any internet access. Rough stuff, I know. We might have some spring game stuff later, or maybe not. Anyway, the links:

Tracking the Terps: Tucker has doubts about Jordan Williams' returning
Shouldn't be a big surprise.

"It seems like he’s ready to get out of here," Tucker told me Saturday when I asked about Williams.

Would Tucker know? Probably not very well. But it seems almost conventional wisdom that Jordan is ready to get out of CP. We'll see how true it is before long.

And speaking of Cliff:

Tracking the Terps: Cliff Tucker's Maryland football debut is a quiet one
He had one catch before twisting his ankle. Disappointing, but at least a twisted ankle didn't happen earlier. That could've been devastating to his hopes of making the team. I still think his height is a serious difference-maker.

Books are building blocks for Edsall - Washington Times
Of course Edsall is building on books and discipline. I don't have any problems with it, so long as wins follow. Good story on Quintin McCree, though, and he really seems to have responded.

A Lot of Moxie: Greivis Vasquez | 3 Shades of Blue
Did you watch Greivis Vasquez crack some heads the other day? Kevin Moses at 3 Shades of Blue did. This is a Grizz-, not Greivis-focused, piece, but it's worth a read anyway and has a great Greivis intro. Glad to see him succeed.

Giants Draft: Can Da’Rel Scott Revive EWF? |
DRS ended up on the Giants (unfortunately for Redskins fans). Given their penchant for developing those types of diamonds in the rough, I suppose it's a good situation for him. Spelling Brandon Jacobs isn't a bad job at all.

Mitch McGary Impresses. Again.
Maybe he's blown up too big.

Skilled and athletic in the paint, the 6-foot-10 McGary has advanced his game further than just about any prospect in the last year. An offensive-minded guy, he's the rare big guy who is already comfortable playing facing or with his back to the basket. He rebounds, runs the floor and is a pretty good rim protector defensively. The Indiana native made the move of the night when he caught on the right block, gave a fake to his right shoulder and then spun to his left to swish a right-handed jump hook from 8 feet. He's left-handed, folks.

I'd say Indiana (his home state) or Texas, which he's called his dream school in the past. Hey, maybe Maryland will make a run. With Anderson in the bag and the Terps in a good spot with Cleare, it can't hurt.

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