The Mark Turgeon ERA has only been going for 72 hours and the majority of fans think the world is ending.  Trust me I agree things are as bad in MD basketball right now then they have been since the beginning of Gary's ERA.  Let's step back and simply look at what has just gone on in a 7 day period. 

-      Jordan Williams are only legit star on a 13 man roster opted for the NBA a year earlier then the majority of fans thought he would, which took our chances of making the NCAA's in 2011-12 to less then 5%, and the lack of depth down low went from scarce to nonexistent. 

-      The coach that I have known as MARYLAND BASKETBALL in my 27 years of life Gary Williams has decided that he has been at it long enough and opts out to enjoy the remaining productive years of his life and his new bride.  This leaves a program that was identified as Gary Williams for 22 years a faceless program. 

-      The sexy head coach possibilities to take over for Gary, fell by the waste side and we ended up with a relatively unknown by name, but not by resume coach in MT.  I believe the entire fan base and national basketball analyst grew a new found respect for MT after his press conference on Monday.

-      Rumors are confirmed that all three 2011 MD recruits have asked out of their LOI and MT granted all three.  This leaves an already thin roster complete depleted with very little proven players on the 8 man roster. 

-      There has been very little as in valid news who will be accompanying MT on the sidelines this year.  I know there's rumors that MT will announce his staff today (Friday), which will be the first step since MD named him the head coach.

So you ask how does all that I have listed above not equal DOOMS DAY, well the program still exists, we still have players on the roster and none of the previous committed recruits have signed with another school.  Let's see hopefully today, who MT names as his assitants and then we can get a better hold on what should matriculate over the next days, weeks and months before the 2011-12 season begins.  MT will have this program booming, but we need to support the current recruits prospects and back our new guy 100%.


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