The most telling quotes about Coach Turgeon

were reported by Prisbell:

Schaus hired Turgeon in 2000 after he had spent just two seasons at Jacksonville State. What impressed the athletic director immediately was the clear plan Turgeon articulated about how he planned to rebuild a struggling Wichita State program. Improvement was consistent; the Shockers improved their win total in each of the first six seasons under Turgeon.

>>>> man with a plan- first part of the battle...keep improving - "get better every day"

“He is tenacious,” Schaus said. “He is just really driven. He wants to build, wants to win and is not satisfied with anything less than excellence and success. But he was also committed to doing it the right way. Everything from compliance to academics to taking care of the student-athletes, the whole package was done right.”

>>>> driven, not satisfied with anything less than excellence - "doing it the right way" - maintain GW's legacy...

Doug Elgin, the commissioner of the Missouri Valley Conference, said Turgeon was a “big-picture guy. He worked his [butt] off. He willed Wichita State to do better. He is someone who led and inspired student-athletes. He is the whole package and will do an excellent job at Maryland.”

>>> the whole package - enough said..

At Texas A&M, Turgeon kept the Aggies as competitive as they were under his predecessor, Billy Gillispie, whose departure to Kentucky enabled Turgeon to get the Texas A&M job. Turgeon won at least 24 games in each of his four seasons, compiling a 97-40 overall record in College Station.

>>> already winning consistently - check...

This past season, the Aggies lost to Florida State, 57-50, in a defensive-oriented NCAA tournament first-round game. Defense was one of the hallmarks of Turgeon’s Texas A&M teams. He succeeded despite the challenges of recruiting to a football school in a football-crazed state.

>>>>Defense, defense, defense...cannot be stressed enough. I love the pretty offensive plays, but I want to run through a wall when I see stellar defensive play...

“Mark Turgeon achieved recruiting success at Texas A&M by developing relationships early and making strong evaluations,” ESPN recruiting analyst Dave Telep said. “The Aggies tend to do a nice job with bigs and his recruits have consistently improved during their time at College Station.”

>>>Do a Nice Job with Bigs - Shaq, u reading this? I hope so... Recruiting will be the BIG surprise for all of us :)

At Maryland, he will be recruiting in a fertile recruiting territory that consistently produces top-tier Division I players. Relationships with local summer-league power brokers will be key. So will persistence; here is what Turgeon told the Kansas City Star five years ago:
“You just have to fight in recruiting,” Turgeon said. “You have to force yourself to hate the other school. It’s crazy. I always tell myself not to let recruiting get personal. But once a year, there’s a player that you want badly, and it does get personal with him and his family. I start to love that player. And if I lose that player, I never get over it.”

>>> I embrace this style - Bulldog all the way.... Go get em! Can't Wait!

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