Maryland Minute - 04.05.11 - More on Gary v. Yow, Part II

Well, this battle royal will give us something to talk about during the offseason. I have a piece ready on what a Jordan-less team next year will look like, but I'll hold off on posting that until Gary v. Yow, II is settled.

North Carolina State AD Debbie Yow accuses Maryland Terrapins coach Gary Williams of 'sabotage' - ESPN

When asked if she had specific examples of anything Williams had said or done, Yow replied: "There'll be somebody else writing about that nationally. I don't need to be doing that. That's not my job."

NO doubt that person will be Gregg Doyel. And a piece of advice Debbie - if you're relying on Doyel as the voice to prove your point, you're not going to get many people in your corner.

Gregg Doyel and Debbie Yow savage Gary Williams - DC Sports Bog
And so it continues. Doyel is a punk of a writer who makes a life off being a punk. In the words of Deadspin, you write about sports. Calm down. You're not an entertainer; you're not Woodward and Bernstein; you're a sportswriter. You can be a sportswriter without being a douche along the way.

Actually, scratch that. You can't. Most can.

This isn't even about Gary Williams anymore, or at least that's not my biggest problem with Doyel. Going on the radio and calling someone a coward? What good does that serve past indulging your own already inflated opinion of yourself? It isn't funny.

And not to make this too long, but the whole, "If you're winning at Arizona, Texas, or VCU, there's no reason to go to N.C. State," thing is funny. Which of those three doesn't belong with the rest? It's one thing to say that N.C. State can't grab coaches from Zona and Texas. Duh. That's because those are better jobs. But not being able to grab coaches from VCU? Seriously? - Ben B.

My Take - Doyel is at times a d-bag.  His articles typically come out on Thursday, so we might see his piece tomorrow. I'm sure it won't contain anything solid or conclusive. And whenever his piece does come out,  I'm sure his primary argument against Gary is that he yells at his players and coaches. Hey Doyel, go look at ANY COLLEGE COACH. Almost ALL of them do that! It's not even that you're crazy and over-opinionated that pisses me off's that even past that, you're not a good journalist/writer. Congrats. You get paid to rant and rave on about nothing and get page views by pissing off fan bases. 

Recruiting Report: Impressions of Faust, Breunig at all-star game -  Matt Bracken -
Matt Bracken has a nice piece on Faust and Breunig. Good read.

Duke Douchebaggery Reaches New Levels
What is it with this fanbase and writing tasteless letters? -Ben B.

Stinnett Homers Twice As Terps Top WVU, 10-6
Terps baseball took town WVU on Tuesday.

Terps Welcome D.C. United, Virginia Sunday
Pretty cool...Men's soccer team is playing against the reserve team from DC United on Sunday.

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