ACC Football Draftees

Ok so I was just looking at the breakdown of players who went so far in this year's draft in the acc (through sat. at 5) and I was kinda worried. Here's the breakdown:

Clemson- 6 picks/2 in first 60

BC- 1 pick/1 in first 60

NC- 8 picks (WTF!)/ 4 in top 60

NCST- 1 pick

FL ST- 2 picks

The U- 8 picks/ 2 in top 60

VT- 3 picks/ 1 in top 60

VA- 1 pick/ 1 in top 60

GT- 0

Duke- 0

WF- 0

MD- 1 pick/ 1 in top 60

So looking at this we have 3 dominant teams (NC, U, Clemson) NC- 8-5 Clemson- 6-7, Miami- 7-6. We have teams who got 1-3 players drafted (UMD!, VT, VA, BC, NCST, FLST) UMD- 9-4 VT- 11-3 VA- 4-8 BC 7-6 NCST- 9-4 FLST- 10-4. And we have the cellar dwellers of the draft (GT, Puke, WF) GT- 6-7 Puke- 3-9 and WF 3-9. Sorry for all the numbers but I thought it was better if you had them there while I talked about my analysis of them. Ok so the first thing you notice is the teams with the most picks do not have the best record. In fact Clemson didn't even break even. I don't know how to interpret this but those 3 teams are not winning championships. UMD did better than all 3 of them. Now, what do you think is the reason for this. And what does this mean for the ACC and the Terps. Personally, I believe this is good for the Terps but bad for the ACC. Even though the ACC owned 1/4th of the draft does not mean it is evenly spread throughout the ACC. 8 out of 15 are coming from only 3 schools which cause concern. But I think this is good for the Terps because UNC, I don't think, will be as good losing 4 players to the first 60 picks. I think we win our division and play VT and win because of no Taylor. But hey my expectations are probably a bit inflated after all this DOB for heisman talk and Edsall kicking behind in recruiting. But the one other major thing that scares me just a bit (it's less of an issue with Fridge no longer HC) is that we only had one gut get drafted through the first 6 or so rounds. Should this be a concern or do you think Edsall will turn this around?

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