Next Season...

I know this season isn't technically over (see Terps circa 2004) but in the wake of my first ever experience witnessing a loss at comcast (I am a sophomore from New York and wasn't, for different reasons, at any of our previous losses although I go to every game I get lottery tickets for) I started thinking about our team next season and the potential we have.  Also I really don't want to study for my test monday anymore.

Assuming for a moment that GWhitt doesn't commit, our roster looks like this:

Stogln, MVPe, Mosley, JWill, Parker, Padge, Pankey, Hawk, Weijs, Faust, Gibbs, Beuring, Levent

We know that 11 of those 13 (sorry Ersin, we still love you and Pankeys health has yet to be established) can play solid minutes at the very least.

Established star Williams showed last offseason he is willing to put in an insane amount of work to improve his game (lost 21 lbs and went from a loveable pudgy contributer to a jacked, dominant star).  He already has incredible post moves so we have to assume he will be working on his jump shot and free throws this offseason, meaning that his already eye popping 18/12 may actually improve. That should scare the ACC.

Stoglin and Howard have emerged as the backcourt of the future.  Both have great potential.  Stogs should get serious consideration for ACC ROY and Howard may not have the high ceiling of Stogs but he certainly has shown glimpses of exceptional play.  Obviously they are froshs so they should improve next year.

Mosley has obviously been a disappointment offensively but we know he can defend with the best of them and hopefully he puts in the work in the offseason to have a great senior year and go out in style.

Parker  and Pankey are anomalies.  Both have some skills or they wouldnt be at a D1 program but at this point anything we get out of them in the coming years is a gravy.  That said, I expect Parker to be Millbourne esque and be a contributer after a largely invisible freshman season.

Hawk is Hawk, and we all love him.  He is the epitome of a SOLID all around player. Not great at anything but good at almost everything.

Weijs...needs to put on muscle.  I really have nothing more to say about him.

Now the incoming freshman:

I honestly think that if you just inserted Faust into our team this year, we dont lose most of the game we did and we are top 20 team and a 3-4 seed in the tourny.  This is purely based on what I have heard about him and I expect great things.  A 6-5 guy who can play 2/3 is exactly what this team needs. He can hit the 3, defend well and drive and finish at the basket.  I see the our future.

Gibbs may end up being the steal of this class.  He obviously can ball and has the pedigree.  It seems that stogs has established himself at the point but there is nothing bad about having depth.

Beuring is the key I think to this class.  If his youtubes are any indication, he is exactly what we have been waiting for for a looooong time...a tall, 3-4 shooter who can hit a 3 and at the same time throw it down.  We have made Kyle F**king Singler comparisons and while he might not be as good, anything close would be amazing.

Sorry for this novel I just wrote but I am VERY optimistic about next season in a way I wasn't about this season.  We knew this would be a hard one and rebuilding year.  So with this projected starting 5 by ACC season I think we will make some serious noise in the ACC and maybe nationally.

Stogs, Howard, Faust, Breuning, JWill

That team can shoot the lights out as well as athletically keep up with anyone the ACC throws at us.

Prediction: 22-25 wins and a shot at the ACC regular season champ.




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