Maryland Minute - 03.15.11 - Reflecting Back on the Basketball Season

Next season, boys. We'll be back.

You weren’t going to watch if they did go " Columns " Cumberland Times-News
Fantastic piece, IMO, by Mike Burke of the Cumberland Times. Give it a read. Oh and he really doesn't like the new football unis...

Free-throw shooting again costly - The Diamondback - Sports
Its kind of weird how free-throw shooting killed us in the start, go remarkably better, and then was horrible again at the end. Ugh.

Terps hope to bounce back in fall - Carroll County Times: Local
Good piece looking towards next season, although they fail to mention Martin Breunig.

Terps-Hoyas: Take Two? - The Diamondback - Sports
The Women's team lost to Georgetown earlier in the year and could face Georgetown again. If they do, you know they'll be out for revenge.

Terps flame out against Liberty, 11-4 - The Diamondback - Sports

"The grace period's over. The honeymoon's over," Bakich said. "We're a quarter of a way through the season. They know the expectation. They know what it takes. The type of play today is unacceptable. There is no ‘learn from this.' This is unacceptable."

I'd hate to lose a game as one of his players.

Recruiting Report: Good Counsel OL Mike Madaras talks Terps pledge -  Matt Bracken -
Great piece by Matt Bracken on Mike Madaras.

"I just love the new coaching staff," Madaras said. "They’re doing a really good job there with what they have there. I’m really excited to play for Coach Edsall and definitely [offensive line coach Tom] Brattan."

Wolfson: Arkansas? N.C. State? No, only Terps could take Tubby Smith - Minnesota Gophers news | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities | Minnesota Twins radio home
Apparently people think the only job Tubby Smith would leave for is Maryland. I like Tubby and he's good friends with Gary, but even if Gary retired today I just don't see them hiring Tubby Smith (and that is even more so in a few years). Tubby is 60 this year. He'll probably be about 65 when Gary does retire. Why would he a). leave Minnesota when he's 65 and b). why would Maryland hire someone who's likely going to retire 5 years later? That's recruiting suicide.

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