Best Realistic Scenario for the Terps in the ACC (Second Semester Sr. Crim Major... I have a lot of free time

This is how the ACC looks now standing wise1. Duke2. UNC

3. Va Tech

4. FSU

5. Clemson

6. MD

7. BC

8. MIA

9. UVA

10. NC State

11. Ga Tech

12. Wakefor the reason that I do not believe Duke or UNC will lose another game this year or Wake win another they will be left out of this analysis based as outliers


Va Tech 8-5

  • Duke... L
  • BC...W
  • @Clem...W

FINAL Record 11-5


FSU 9-4

  • MIA...W
  • UNC...L
  • @NCST...L

FINAL Record 10-6


Clemson 7-6

  • Wake...W
  • @Duke...L
  • VT... L

FINAL Record 8-8


UMD 7-6

  • @UNC...L
  • @MIA...W
  • UVA...W

Final Record 9-7


BC 6-7

  • @UVA...W
  • @VT...L
  • Wake...W

Final Record 8-8


MIA 5-8

  • @FSU...L
  • MD...L
  • @Ga Tech...W

Final Record 6-10


UVA 5-8

  • BC...L
  • NCST...W
  • @MD...L

Final Record 6-10


NCST 4-9

  • GT...W
  • @UVA...L
  • FSU...W

Final Record 6-10


GT 3-10

  • @NCST...L
  • Wake...W
  • MIA...L

Final Record 4-12



after taking into account all the tiebreakers into play this is how the standings before the ACC tournamentand in parenthesis the first round matchups

1. Duke (Bye)

2. UNC (Bye)

3. VT (Bye)

4.FSU (Bye)

5. UMD (Wake)

6. Clem (MIA)

7. BC (NCST)

8. MIA (UVA)

9. UVA (MIA)

10. NCST (BC)

11. MIA (Clem)

12. WAKE (UMD)


Assuming the favorites win out (which it really doesn't affect MD at all if anyone gets upset in the first round because MD is the highest seed in the first round) the second round matchups would be:


MIA vs Duke


Clem vs VT



Now if you know anything about FSU or happened to go to the game tonight... they are without Chris Singleton easily an ALL-ACC player and really their entire team... with him to beat them you would need to score more than 60 points because their defense is amazing... now take him out of the equation and they really fall way down in the ACC standings... so MD should win this game pretty easily


Again assuming the favorites outside of FSU win out which is entirely possible... the Semi-final round match ups would be 




Okay so here is where the FAN in me says Gary Williams rides the amazing free throw shooting we have gotten in the past 3 games (87%, 92%, 70%), the emergence of Terrel Stoglin (25, 25, 17) and Dino Gregory (14, 15, 12, 18, 14) and beats Duke... but in all honesty we most likely lose to Duke here...


So UMD's final resume looks like this after that


9-7 in the ACC

2 wins against the RPI top 50 both coming late in the season

Good Wins: Clemson, FSU, FSU

Bad Losses: BC Twice

6-2 in their final 8


That is VERY VERY VERY iffy because currently being reported on Testudo Times after beating FSU we were ESPN's last four out... haven't confirmed that yet.


If we win out and capture the 4 seed in the tournament our road in the ACC tourny does not change too much because we would still end up on DUKE's side of the bracket but we would capture a Marquee win with UNC ranked 19 and its on the road...


so if we win out, get the UNC win... and reach the semi finals of the ACC tourny (very possible in the bracket) then we should end up in the last four in....


Maybe I am being optimistic, but once again the TERPS have a shot

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