Maryland Minute - 02.21.11 - Can Stoglin and Howard Carry Maryland Down the Stretch?

Using this picture only because I wasn't here on Sunday to be able to talk about the General and will use any opportunity to honor him.

I'm baaaaaaack. Sorry I've been MIA...I was on vacation in Hawai'i. I'm glad I was there because it seemed like everything thing that could go wrong for Maryland while I was away did go wrong - Shannon/Bradford disaster; losing to BC...again; losing to VT...again. Ugh. Glad we beat NC State Sunday...hopefully the Stoglin-Howard due can get us to make a run...speaking of which...

Changing of the guards - The Diamondback - Sports
Nice piece on Stoglin and Howard.

Maryland Basketball: Can Super Recruit Nick Faust Cure What Ails the Terps? | Bleacher Report
I tend not to link to Bleacher report, but the guy who wrote this, Scott Harris, is a good writer and nice guy. He looks into the future of MD bball next year with Faust on board.

Source: NCAA committee on infractions to cite Jim Calhoun - ESPN
Bahahahaha. I HATE Calhoun. Every since the Rudy Gay fiasco, I've hatted that SOB (he's also a pompous a-hole). I was really hoping for the postseason ban, but alas, it appears that won't happen.

Shooting woes go deeper for women's basketball - The Diamondback - Sports
The women's bball team is like the men's team in one regard...they struggle shooting the 3.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap – Big game for Gibbs in win - Matt Bracken -
Sterling Gibbs had a big game, going off for 27 points in his team's win.

Goal-filled win shows off men's lacrosse's defense - The Diamondback - Sports
Good piece on the Lacrosse team's win and defense.

Women’s Basketball: Thomas sets school record " Terrapin Trail
Congrats to Alyssa Thomas, who is pulling a DOB and constantly being named the ACC rookie of the week. She just received the award for a school-record 6th time. Considering that record was held by Marissa Coleman and Crystal Langhorne, probably the two best players at MD in the Frese era, that's pretty impressive.

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