Former player under Fridge says edsall not the problem...

Recently was able to sit down and talk with a former player under Ralph. He is now part of a staff for a highly prestigious football school in the DC/MD area. When the conversation slowed I simply asked "so what do you think of maryland football now?"

Besides immediately looking pissed off, here are some things that were said.

  • This season was beyond disappointment. Believe it or not, even great teams have lost 8-10 games. Its not the record. It's everything else.
  • Yes, fridge did a great job for MD football and he had a great season his last year, but people are crazy if they believe MD didnt need a new coach.
  • After meeting and dealing with edsall, he is not half of what disgruntled MD fans think he is. He's actually a good coach and a good man... However, how he threw fridge and his players under the bus that early in his time at maryland is inexcusable and unforgivable, by my standards at least.
Here's where it gets juicy... so whats the problem then?
  • Kevin Anderson is the problem. There are no maryland guys. Nobody in that business room looking at these decisions based on a lifetime of memories and fondness of their home state and team. Maryland is simply a business. Sure the people in charge dont want a failing business, but theres a reason why some companies go on to take over the market and some fade away.
  • Kevin Anderson is an arrogant son of a b****. Edsall was the wrong hire. Thats not edsalls fault. Of course he would want to come here over uconn. And his staff? People really believe that Edsall was really calling the shots on who he brought over and who they hired from outside?
  • After Kevin Anderson was hired, there was a mini argument with Kevin Plank. Plank had called to congratulate and begin building a relationship with KA... KA never got back to him. Finally Plank reached out again after feeling completely disrespected.
  • The uniforms?... KA's hand is in them as well. Plank insisted on certain stylings and releasing certain colors at certain times based on athlete and fan excitements/requests. KA wouldnt have it. Its the arrogance. He had to tweak the uniforms so he knew he had a hand in it. He had to release all of them in a fashion show to say look what maryland [I've] got.

I know this is just one person. But Im not going to lie. It made me forget about edsall and really hate KA.

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