Basketball news has been pretty slow lately, so I've been thinking about something everyone could talk about. I came up with a question:

If you could go back in Maryland basketball history and change the outcome of one game/ recruit/ occurance (basically, make Maryland win, get a recruit, etc.), what would it be? This could be for personal reasons, wanting to see a player win a national championship, or if you think changing the outcome of one game/ or occurance would have seriously impacted where Maryland is at as a basketball program.

The games that come to mind:

2010 NCAA Tournament 2nd round loss vs Michigan State, WHY- the way the tournament was shaping up, especially our region, if we beat MSU, a Final Four appearance would have been very possible, and its not out of the realm of possibility that Gary could have won his second national championship. Gary might still be coaching, the program would be at an elite level, guys like Terrence Ross, Tobias Harris, etc. might have gone to UMD.

2001 Final Four Loss to Duke, WHY- obviously, that loss sucks, MD could have gone on and won a national championship and then won it again next year, winning back-to-back titles. MD might be a premier program, or at least at a higher level than they are now.

1970 ACC Tournament Championship game loss to NCST, WHY- Maryland might have been the second best team in the country that year, and with a win over NCST, could have gone on to win a national championship. Winning it all in 1970 could have taken Lefty's program to that next level that they never seemed to reach. Win that game, Maryland might be considered one of the blue bloods of college basketball today.

Things that happened that you would want to change:

Moses Malone attends UMD, WHY- similar to MD beating NCST in 1970, this might have allowed MD to win a national championship, putting them in an elite category.

Len Bias doesn't die, WHY- Obvious reasons, and also the fact that Bias playing in the league, possibly being better than MJ, could look very good to recruits, but then again, Gary might not have came because the job might have never opened up for him at the right time.

Steve Francis stays in school for one more year- MD would have been possibly the best team in the country his senior season, won a national championship, not out of the realm of possibility that MD could have won 2-3 national championships in a 4-year span.

So thats everything that comes to mind, I'm obviously going to be missing things.

My choice: MD beats Duke in the 2001 Final Four game. I think we would have beat AZ in the national championship, won back-to-back titles, recruiting would have been a lot better, we'd be at a much higher level then we are right now. And, beating Duke in the Final Four would have been awesome.

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