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Re: Article Discussion: Krieger: Gary Crowton would love chance

Postby workonprogress on December 9th, 2011, 7:32 am

**EDITED** Upon further review, and reading others comments about Crowton, this guy doesn't feel like he'd be a very ideal candidate after all. The post about how he's put offenses into bad gears by the LSU season-ticket holder and the statistics presented by the other poster. Also, I remember those first years of the Dick Jauron era when he was hired as offensive coordinator in Chicago, and the Bears were not a pretty sight in his schemes.

ESPN had this list supplied today, and is very interesting to look over :

-- Names to watch --

* Gary Barnett - Colorado head coach from '99-'05. 49-38 career record with the Buffs.
* Tony Alford - Notre Dame WR coach, CSU running back from '87-'90.
* Brian Schneider - Seahawks' special teams coordinator, former CSU LB and assistant coach.
* Rick Dennison - Texans' offensive coordinator, former CSU standout while eventually and playing for the Broncos.
* John Benton - Texas' OL coach, former player and offensive coordinator at CSU.
* Billy Gonzalez - LaTech passing game coordinator, former CSU WR.
* Matt Lubick - Duke wide receivers coach, former CSU assistant under his father Sonny Lubick
* Kennedy Pola - USC offensive coordinator, former Colorado running backs coach
* Matt Helfrich - Oregon offensive coordinator, former Colorado assistant
* Todd Monken - Oklahoma State offensive coordinator
* Manny Diaz - Texas defensive coordinator
* Robert Anae - Former offensive coordinator at BYU and Arizona
* Vance Bedford - Louisville defensive coordinator
* Craig Bohl - North Dakota State coach
* Brent Pease - Boise State offensive coordinator, successful one year run as OC already opens up possibilities to become head coach.
* Gary Crowton - Maryland OC, former CSU player with well-defined interest in the Rams' opening.

From that list, I'd have to say Dennison would be an ideal candidate. I'd always heard of him as a former Bronco, but didn't know he used to be a Rammie. . . guess you can even learn something new about your alumni every day.

*Original Thoughts* Sounds like a good fit to me. It's good to hear he's got the passion for the job. Maryland has had a rough season record-wise but to read it in the box scores they've been close in every game. Maybe if they're uniforms weren't so ugly. . . just speculating.

Anyway, give the man an interview. He's got a good pedigree and last time Krieger had a hunch/idea on a Colorado area coach it was George Karl for the Nuggets, and that worked out well. Let's get our guy and start with the recruiting process already - the Rams only have 3 verbal commits so far, compared with most other schools having many more than that! Time to get the ball rolling. Go Rams! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a former CSU student and a Rams fan, I think Gary Crowton deserves a serious look. I personally think he has a lot of potential for the coaching position. He has coached at the collegiate level and the professional level so he's probably seen it all and can deal with a lot of different personalities. What we really need is someone that can bring out the very best in the players, and can see the potential of the players that he recruits. I hope he at least gets a chance to interview for the position. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
As a CSU grad living in Louisiana with LSU season tickets in each of Crowton's seasons here, would prefer the Rams choose otherwise. I mean, LSU, they have a good deal of talent, correct? Yes, yes they do. His offense like like watching the scene in pretty woman where Gere was trying to drive the Lotus and didn't know what he was doing, grinding gears, etc. LSU could have won the national championship last year if it had a shred of offense. Just look at the difference between last year and this one. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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