For the Record MD Football 2010 vs. 2011

Just to kill the haters out there that the 2011 team should have exceeded the 2010 level of production, really need to take a look much closer between the two teams. First off, no one needs to make the argument about how many players missed game time in 2011 due to injury...we already know that it was a large number. Second, we don't need to criticize about players being suspendedin 2011, they broke a rule or rules and that was there penalty. I want to give us a sobering comparison from the 2010 team vs. the 2011 team. The numbers are shocking. Edsall wasn't left with much, per the numbers suggest.

Let's start with overall team statistics, shall we. I will breakdown the 2010 teams production and indicate how much production was lost to players, leaving or graduating and what percentage of production was left on the 2011 roster.

All-Purpose Yards(2010)

- 6,387 - Total

- 3,755 - Graduated/Left

- 2,632 - Returning Players or 41% of production returned

Team Rushing Yards(2010)

- 1,796 - Total

- 872 - Graduated/Left

- 924 - Ret. Players or 51% of productin returned

Team Receiving Yards(2010)

- 2,791 - Total

- 1,853 - Graduated/Left

- 938 - Ret. Players or 33% of production returned

So, from out 9-4 2010 team we lost players that contributed to 59% of our all-purpose yards, 49% of all rushing yards and a staggering 67% of all receiving yards. So Maryland should have of had a better year or equal year in 2011 with DOB returning??? Don't think so!!!

If you want to speculate on what is going on with Maryland Football then do your homework. Edsall did not have as an attractive team in 2011 as many of you are made to believe. So DOB returned but 66% of his receivers left and 49% of his running backs left. That hurts, especially since they were upper classman who help out knowing the system. Then you throw in a new coaching staff, new scheme's, injuries and suspensions and this season looks like it turned out as we should have expected if we would have curved our expectations to what the numbers show.

I thought this would be a good time for all the Edsall haters out there to get some sobering facts to put there arguments to rest. Speculate all you want about what is going on in the locker room and why certain players are leaving and why blue chip recruits are still not committing here.

Crunch those numbers!

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