Students Perspective On Northwood

Let me preface this by saying Northwood was a very very good D-II team and could likely beat the bottom third of D-I basketball teams more times than not. They also had a stellar shooting night from beyond the arc so for those of you seriously troubled by the score line you should know the Terps would win this game by 10+ every 9/10 games. 

Since Ben covered most of the big stuff  I'll give a little insight as to how the game looked from court side. For starters there were about 6-7 thousand people there for an exhibition and when Turge argued an opening call people started going "turgeon, turgeon, turgeon" followed by an awkward silence as the senior students scolded whoever started it saying that chant belongs to Gary.  

It was very obvious the team has spent little time in practice on offense as there were no plays being drawn up in any of the timeouts and the only thing Turgeon was screaming was "who are you going to guard MIKE?" and "move, move, move" emphasizing Stoglin was taking way to long to get the ball up court. In almost all of the timeouts Turgeon was screaming over lack of fundamentals they've practiced and he was livid at Stoglin's shot selection in the first half. 

I think we're going to learn very quickly just how bad this team is without Pe's unselfish play from the point. There was atleast 5 possessions where Len and Pankey had an easy 2 inside and nobody found them because they were looking for their own outside shot. The good news is we can go pretty big and still be very athletic and fast with the line-up Len, Faust, Pankey, Parker, and Mosley. 

The major bright spot in this game has to be Pankey and Faust. Nick was obviously nervous coming out in the first half throwing up two air balls and being a step back on defense but man did he catch his stride 8 minutes into the game playing stellar defense on whoever on their team had 30+ points. I think Nick will be golden until ACC play comes around and then we might see some jitters again but I can honestly see him averaging 12+ ppg and he was very very active on the boards and in the paint all night long. He seemed to be playing 110% every second he was out there and I think the intensity gave him some cramping with 8 minutes to play. 

As for Pankey, man what a game and surprise he was. With the lone downside being his free throw shooting he really can be something special. He looked great banging it out inside and I can see him consistently grabbing AT-LEAST 9 ppg and 7 rebounds for us if not more as the season progresses. He really has some decent size and a nice touch for the ball inside as well as with the ten foot jumper which he hit 12 straight times with a coach in his face during warmups. 

Overall I'd say once Pe' gets back and Len gets up to full speed we could very easily go 7-9 in the ACC if we can put up 90 having not practiced on offense at all even if it was against a D-II team. Expect a few heartbreaking losses early this season and my guess is were looking at a 5-7 start with lack of depth, size, and distribution. Thoughts?

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