Noah Spence ?

There is a post on IMS.  I'm not a member, so I can't read most of it, but it seems to imply that Noah is coming here.  Here are some of the posts I can see.

  • yup

  • Wes Brown, Montgomery, Reader and maybe one of Diggs/Darby and this could be a really good class.

  • wait... did we seriously just get a commit from noah spence?

  • The thing with Edsall is that, unlike Fridge, you know that most of the guys in this class are capable of being (not necessarily going to be, but if they are buying in to Edsall's philosophy) 4-5 year players. Look at our teams from the past 5 seasons. We have seriously been lacking in guys who make it all the way to the end for various reasons.

  • By the way what kind of source is this based on?

  • Don't worry about it. We're getting him, but as Devils said, he won't announce until the Under Armour game.

  • It did seem that a lot of Fridge's recruits were bound to fail before they even got here. His classes were always ranked pretty well, but a lot of that was due to highly ranked players who seemed to leave within a couple years (failing out or off the field trouble). Hopefully, even if Edsall's classes are ranked lower, they'll be more productive.

  • How on earth did this happen? I just saw a blurb on OSU and how he was considering them and now he's coming here? Does not compute....not complaining but come on.

  • I'm all for giving credit, even to those I loathe, when its due. And the staff has certainly done a lot of work to position itself well but let's be honest here, if Sandusky doesn't dagger UPS for the forseeable future the odds of him being a Terp are incredibly low. This feels more like luck than anything.

  • LOL, who cares why he's coming? Quit crying for one day and enjoy it.

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