This years basketball recruiting class...

I thought I'd write a dedicated post to something I've been saying recently.  I have no problems with us staying pat with our three man class.  One of my main problems with the previous administration, was a tendency to sign what I consider to be very large classes of 5 players.  Given the size of a functional college basketball roster of 12-13 players, 5 players is a very large chunk of that roster.  Which creates transition problems.


We've all heard the old saying, "we don't rebuild, we reload" and I really believe the best way to reload, is to limit class sizes to either 3 or 4 players.  In a perfect world, 3 would be ideal, but considering players do leave early, a school can probably never get the ideal every year.


As to this years recruiting class, I really believe we are in great shape.  No, we aren't completely ramped up to what we all hope we will be for our future.  Yes, we have gone a long way this class to getting there.


What I'm saying is we should be thrilled about what we got this year, and unless Charles Mitchell, or some hidden gem pops our direction, we should focus on the 2013 classs.


As to recruiting class rankings, I really don't mind not being ranked at all.  Often (most often that is) the size of the classes determines the rankings.  A 5 man class will almost always be ranked higher than a 3 man class, just based on quantity.  That doesn't mean the 5 man class meets the needs of that team better, it just means there are more players involved.  As an example, if a team signs three point guards and two shooting guards, that are 4 star players, that class will be ranked in the top five, guarranteed.  But a three man class that fills the needs of a team better, will in my opinion be the better class.


I want to give a shout out to bloodwatermission, who posted the below links in another thread.  I'm reposting them here as part of my post.

... our 2012 recruits

shaq –
layman –
seth –

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