Terps Soccer and DC United sharing a stadium?

Great thought provoking piece at the blog Greater Greater Washington on the possiblity of the Terps and DC United jointly building a new soccer facility, totally funded by DC United.

Two snippets:

The site in question would require no new roads or infrastructure to be specially built. That part of campus is tucked away from the academic uses and is currently used for parking and varsity/club athletics. It already has the infrastructure in place for large events. DCU could market using the Green Line, much like the Nats Stadium does, although some fans will want to drive if they're coming from far away.


Under such a public-private partnership between DC United and UMD, the University would get a new facility that's on its Campus Master Plan at no cost to their budget. They would get new revenue streams by hosting ACC and NCAA events, along with revenue from DC United events, according to the terms of embracing construction on the University of Maryland campus. Finally, they would have a beautiful new stadium to better attract and accommodate more fans for their own soccer teams than their present facility can hold.


I think the article over estimates how many additional yearly events (60) could be held at the facility, but that's quibbling over details.

A shiny new soccer stadium, at no cost to the University would be a boon for the men's and women's programs, a boon to attendance and concesesion sales, be a huge boost to the profile and recruitability of the program, and in all be fantastic for the University.

Alcohol sales at DCU games is a kink to be worked out, as would the potential impact (if at all) to the University on DCU game days/nights. But it has to be a win-win for DCU as lots of students would come to the games.



Would you be in favor of this idea?

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