J Will - Ironman?

Luke Winn's new 2A Power Rankings has an interesting new metric he uses to measure a player's endurance for the 260+ lb players.  He was trying to point out Jared Sullinger's durability even before he shed weight from 280 to 265 in a weight versus number of possessions per game ratio. Lo and behold, J Will popped up as the biggest "Ironman."  So there we have it, J Will measuring up to the other big bodied Centers in college bball.  Let's see if J Will's weight returns to 260 after the lockout is ended, if it hasn't already.  I say he's packing at least 255, but also predict he'll rebound far better than many expect when he laces it up for the Nets.

From Luke Winn on SI:

Ohio State Buckeyes

Jared Sullinger wanted to publicize his weight loss. He tweeted a shirtless photo of his slimmer self in September (and had the courtesy to keep his pants on, unlike Greg Oden). The reasonable assumption is that Sullinger will be better-conditioned at 265 pounds rather than 280, but he still managed to log plenty of minutes as a freshman.

Possession Poundage is a stat I invented -- I really hope this will catch on -- to identify the sport's 260-plus-pound ironmen. It multiplies an estimated number of possessions played per game by a player's weight, then divides by 100. The top 10 from 2010-11 is as follows: 

Rk.        Player, Team           Weight    Poss/G    PossLBs/100
1. Jordan Williams, Maryland 260 58.2 151.3
2. Jared Sullinger, Ohio State 280 51.6 144.3
3. Josh Harrellson, Kentucky 275 47.0 129.1
4. Markhuri Sanders-Frison, Cal 275 46.7 128.5
5. Brian Qvale, Montana 260 49.3 128.1
6. Reggie Johnson, Miami 295 42.5 125.5
7. Kenny Frease, Xavier 265 46.9 124.3
8. Will Donahue, Cal Poly 265 46.9 124.2
9. Matt Stainbrook, W. Michigan 290 40.5 117.5
10. Renardo Sidney, Miss. State 270 42.7 115.3

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