Maryland Minute 10.9.11: Clemson's Boyd Probable for Terps Game

While O'Brien / Brown is a "game-time decision."

Clemson QB Boyd upgraded to 'probable'
That probably finishes that. If Maryland's going to upset Clemson this Saturday, they'll have to do it against a full-strength Clemson.

Maryland QB to be "game-time" decision vs. Clemson - Washington Times
I'm about half-way through the fuller QB controversy post, but this is a good hold-over until tomorrow morning-ish: Edsall is gonna hold his cards close to the vest. And frankly, that's well done: the offenses between the two are so radically different that it'll make it extremely difficult for Clemson's defense to adequately prepare for both.

Gonnella out for year, and Vellano gets some props
Edsall called Andrew Gonnella's mid-game injury "a very serious knee injury" and said he's expected to be out for the year. Thoughts are with him.

Meanwhile, Edsall singled out Joe Vellano as doing a "phenomenal job" yesterday. You don't say.

Hey, David Mackall played really well, too
No one's really talked about the play of David Mackall from Saturday, but GT's official site has an interesting take on his big impact on keeping Tech in check.

Washington rushed 32 times, which is nearly as absurd as Vellano bagging a tackle every other play he was on the field. Why? He missed a slew of "reads." Why? Maryland defensive end David Mackall (No. 11), that's why. He baited the Jackets repeatedly.

Time after time when Washington stuck the ball in the B-back's gut and then went to read the DE, Mackall - unblocked on purpose most of the time -- would appear to come crashing down on the B-back. That's when Washington's supposed to pull the ball out and run. He pulled the ball often.

Often, too, Mackall peeled off; he was faking. Said Washington: "The guy I was reading most of the day, he did a good job of making me miss reads. He would come down on the B-back and make me think [wrongly]."

MSoccer: #2 Terps Fall at Virginia
It's the Terps' first loss of the season, dropping the 2-1 decision despite a 61st minute goal from Casey Townsend. (Although I just got my first look at Maryland's road jerseys, and they're fantastic. So there's that.)

North Carolina makes scholarship offer to Gonzaga basketball player Nate Britt
This is a little old, but it hadn't been linked on here before. UNC being in for Britt might make him tough, though it's hardly done this early. Still, it makes landing the Harrison twins that much more important.

DHB takes it to the house against the Texans
He threw in 99 yards, too, and the score was crucial in the Raiders' close win. Is the switch turning on for Hey-Bey? Having two elite WRs in the NFL at the same time would be a huge tool, you'd think, in recruiting. Hey, maybe Maryland can become the en vogue destination for receivers.

Well, at least let me dream.

Oh, and Vernon Davis had two TDs, too
Y'know what, throw in tight ends, too.

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