Time to start Operation: Turgeon General!

Perhaps it is not wise of me to get excited for basketball season this year. We have a lack of depth, experience, and we have a new coach with a new system. Well I say all that be darned! I'm pumped for B-Ball season even if we aren't going to be tearing it up. We are going to be middle-of-the-pack, half-decent, average, swagerific, pretty athletic, hard-nosed team. This post is just my expectations, hopes, and thoughts on this season. Hope y'all enjoy!

I first want to go over what I think for Turgeon and how I think he will impact Maryland from here on out. After the rather upset fan base of Maryland pouted because of a significant lack of Sean Miller, a consistent, rather safe coach emerged as our new head coach. Replacing a legend was going to be impossible and we needed a man who take us back to elite status. Our usually-questioned AD, Kevin Anderson, decided Turgeon was the guy for the job. ANd now here we are. Turgeon and Gary seem to have a lot in common which I like. He also has a different tempo, recruiting strategy, and probably most of all, a younger mindset towards the game we look forward to every winter. I like Turgeon. He is going to be a good coach. I can feel something about him that I didn't feel about Edsall. He is not just coaching but bringing Maryland back to what Maryland should be. That is talked about. I don't care if he's not Sean Miller. He's our coach and (I said this for Edsall too) we need to support him until he does something to question him. Obviously losing to Northwood in an exhibition game may raise some questions but until something like that happens we need to not assume he is going to bring us nothing but success. If we don't it all we will end up saying is, "I told you so."

Now here comes starting lineup. I want to see a four-guard rotation but with Pe' out I don't think we can o that anymore. So we will probably have to use a more conventional 3 guard, 2 forward setup or if we really want to stretch our bigs, 2 guard, 2 forward, center. This is all assuming Len can't play. Believe me it would be awesome if he could but we don't know and I would rather just have a really good back up plan if he couldn't play. I want to see;


SG-Faust-Stoglin- Mosley

Other G-Mosley/Parker/Faust

F- Padgett/ Weijs or Pankey

F Weijs or Pankey/Padgett

Obviously we are short when it comes to our bigs and I could care less who starts between Weijs and Pankey as long as their splitting minutes to see who excels. Otherwise, until we know Len's status and if the walk-ons can perform, the starting line-up is kind of hard to predict.

And finally expectations. We are going to do better than people expect us to do. I can feel it. The headlines will be there. "Turgeon and Young Terps Upset (insert team here)." We are a young team and we are going to be darn good in a year of two but for now just average would be plenty for me. Football is a disaster and it's snowing outside so I say I welcome Coach Turgeon and basketball season with open arms. We are going to the NIT. I hope...

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