Basketball Scrimmage Re-cap

Here's my recap from the basketball scrimmage today - 


Faust - A legitimate star. This kid is very versatile. He hit three's, made great passes, and hit little runners in the paint. His defense is very "high school" right now but I'm sure Turgeon is working on that. He is very tall and long. Hope he stays all four years here at College Park.

Mosely - vintage Mosely today. He played great defense, got rebounds, and missed mid-range shots. He is definitely the "leader by example" on the court and hopefully Turgeon's offense helps him reach the potential we are all hoping for. Very glad to have Sean out there helping everyone get in the right positions and lead by example.

Stoglin - Stoglin definitely has been in the gym this summer. Looks much more toned. Stoglin looks very confident and he hit some nice threes. He still has a tendency to dribble too much and he is shoot-first - not sure if that is good or bad in this new offense but we need a scorere. I spoke with him after the game and he said Turgeon has only focused on defense so far in practice which didn't seem to sit too well with him. He's a scorer and he wants to work on the offense. Should have a great season this year as our featured scorer.

Parker - this kid is as athletic as they come and it is very visible watching him. He still seems a little lost out there on offense and defense but Spinelli and Turgeon take a different approach than Gary. Spinelli was really taking the time to teach Mychal. It was unusual not hearing Gary yelling from the sidelines. Maybe that has an affect on Parker - maybe he will respond better to Turgeon - maybe not. Hope he does.

Padget - Padget seems more comfortable in the post and has very quick post moves. As always, it looks like he has the potential to be a double-double guy, but it hasn't yet translated to the games. Him starting might give him the confidence he needs.

Weis - Weis was the biggest surprise to me. He has developed an inside game and he made some nice jump-hook moves. He even hit a step-back jumper. He gets rebounds and blocks. He even look like he's put on a few pounds (although he still looks skinny). I feel good about Weis entering the year.

Pankey - Pankey was hustling for rebounds. I spoke to him after the game and he is fully focused on leading the league in rebounds. He said he has "grown-up" and seems more mature. His free throw shooting stroke is very nice but he still seems like a developing scorer. Hopefully he stays healthy.

Walk-ons - there are two african-american walk-ons (no 24 and 12, I think) that are VERY quick. They both seemed to be comfortable handling the ball so hopefully we have a reliable back-up point guard with Pe'Shon being out. Very pleased with their play and defense.

Shaq - Shaq was there and he is an absolute monster. He is a legit 6'9" and a lot more slender than I thought. His size is fantastic. Can't get here soon enough.

Nick Faust's Brother - Nick's 13 year-old brother was there and he is probably 5'10" already. He is a really nice kid and said he is going to attend St. Frances. I can imagine he will be in the mold of Nick. Spoke very highly of the Terps.

Turgeon - Turgeon spent most of the scrimmage sitting next to Shaq. He let his assistant coaches do the coaching and was walking around talking to people. I really like this guy. Spinelli also. You can tell Spinelli really knows what he is talking about when it comes to coaching. Glad to have him be part of the team. 


If Len becomes eligible, we could be a decent middle-of-the pack ACC team. Len is HUGE. Really hope the NCAA gets him a favorable decision soon. 



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