Maryland Minute 10.20.11: C.J. Brown Edition

And past the jump: men's basketball open scrimmage scheduled.

New Maryland QB a 'scary guy' with his legs
That's the truth.

"You go watch some of those plays – Clemson had him," Fisher said. "You say, 'OK, Clemson's got him.' Oh no they don't. There he goes. Then, 'They got him back here.' No they don't. There he goes. That's a scary thing when the other team is doing good things and he's still making plays."



"He's a different type of runner," FSU junior defensive tackle Everett Dawkins said. "He's like sneaky fast. He's not really a blazing 4.3 guy coming out of the gates running. But he's mobile enough to create some room and create some plays. So you have to be aware of that."

I remember in particular one play on a third-down where, by all rights, he should've been stopped for a five-yard loss. He got to top-gear in a second and busted it for thirty yards or so. It's fun to watch, if at times a little harrowing.

Maryland QB C.J. Brown took role of starter, ran with it - Washington Times
A profile of the new starting quarterback, who seems likable enough. The most interesting spot to me is when it says that leaving UMD "was never a serious option" for him. I don't think I could've said the same after Danny O'Brien claimed the starting spot for (what appeared to be) good. But he said he knew things could change quickly, which is actually a pretty wise thought in retrospect.

Edsall on special teams struggles: ‘The players are trying. The scheme is okay’
So ... is anything wrong then? Because I feel like it's pretty clear that something is.

If you read the entire quote, it's sort-of blaming the players ("there is no other personnel we can go to") which is silly given that personnel has minimal impact on special teams success, at least large-scale. This unit has been terrible, so obviously something has to be off - preferably something fixable.

Maryland basketball open scrimmage set for Oct. 29 - WT
For those in the area who are curious about how the team looks this year, you'll get a chance to check them out at Comcast on October 29.

Thoughts on Mosley and the Terps - Baltimore Sun
Jeff Barker gives a few thoughts on the team this year, especially Sean Mosley.

Alex Len: "big day"
Ah, the joys of Twitter. Is then when we get our long-awaited answer to the Alex Len problem? I hope so.

Maryland Terrapins forward Casey Townsend making most of senior season - ESPN
Good stuff on the star of the men's soccer team, which faces UNC at 5:30 tonight on ESPNU. Make sure to tune in.

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